Travel to Mexico & Live in Mexico: Complete Guide

Travel to Mexico


Before You Go:

When in Mexico:

Mexico City

  • Alternative Activities in Mexico City
  • How to Use Public Transportation in Mexico City
  • Day Trips from Mexico City
  • How Not to Visit Xochimilco

Yucatan Peninsula / Riviera Maya

  • Visiting Mayan ruins: Coba vs Chichen Itza
  • Adventure Parks of Mexico
  • Guide to Isla Holbox

Oaxaca & Chiapas

San Luis Potosi

  • Visiting the surrealist garden of Edward James in Xilitla

Jalisco & Guanajuato

Baja California

  • Day trip to Tijuana from San Diego




  • Pros & cons of living in Mexico


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  • Can I travel to Mexico if I don’t speak Spanish?

Absolutely. If you’re traveling to touristy areas like Riviera Maya, Baja California or Puerto Vallarta, don’t worry – most people speak English as they’re involved in tourism.

If you’re planning on going off the path, you’ll see that most people don’t speak English at all. I’d highly recommend learning basic phrases, signing yourself up for a language course, or purchasing a dictionary. Most people are patient and helpful, so even if you don’t understand what they’re saying they’ll try to help you through gestures.

While Spanish is the spoken language of Mexico, it’s way different than Spanish that’s spoken in Spain. Mexican grammar is different and a lot of words vary, as you can see in my basic dictionary of Mexican Spanish.

  • Is Mexico safe to visit?

Millions of tourists travel to Mexico every year, despite U.S. warnings about crime, tainted alcohol, robbery carjacking etc. The 99% of them come back happy and safe. Crime happens everywhere, unfortunately.

Last year’s shootings in Playa del Carmen and Cancun (and other shootings elsewhere) were incidents that occurred between drug cartels and travelers didn’t target travelers. Especially not touristy all-inclusive resorts in Mexico.

That said, Mexico can be as safe as the US, so take reasonable precautions and you’ll be fine. I’ve lived and traveled around Mexico for years and hitchhiked, walked alone at night, partied, drove cars and did everything I would have elsewhere and I was completely fine.

Mexico Travel Guide