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Top Best Beach Clubs in Tulum with Kids

Top Best Beach Clubs in Tulum with Kids

When you think of Tulum you don’t really think of a traditional family vacation in Mexico. Tulum is more hip, trendy and upscale, so it attracts a young crowd. But… it doesn’t mean that it’s totally kids unfriendly.

While I do recommend Playa del Carmen over Tulum for families, if you fancy a day trip to Tulum it’s totally possible!

The only bad aspect of Tulum for families are the crowds, lack of things to do for kids apart from the beach and that there aren’t sidewalks for strollers, but as I always say, even places that are considered kids unfriendly like Positano or Bora Bora can be kids friendly if you want them to be!

For adults-only beach clubs check out my other post. Tulum isn’t lacking them.

Holden chillin’ at a beach club in Tulum at just 4 weeks old!

La Zebra Tulum

La Zebra Tulum is probably the top choice for families. It’s a part of a very nice small boutique hotel with an excellent restaurant.

They don’t have a huge minimum consumption as it’s only $30. For Tulum, where prices can range even up to $1000 it’s a steal.

The palapas also have power built-in which was awesome. Food is great and kids and adult can find something for themselves.

They even have a small wooden playground area on the beach. When we visited last my sons were only 22 months and 4 weeks and they both seem to enjoy it.

Posada Margerita

There’s a beach bar, a pizzeria, a restaurant, and even a juice bar. This beachfront gem is worth the visit, especially if you’re a celiac. They can offer gluten-free pasta or focaccia. 

Playa Paradiso Beach Club

Super close to Tulum ruins and basically on a public beach. It’s only $5 to use one of their oversized sun loungers. Paraiso Beach Club is a steal.

They take credit cards and cash, so it’s pretty convenient.

Taboo Tulum Beach Club

I included this for both adults and kids because all Rosa Negra restaurants and clubs are kids friendly. Every time I see kids there they’re having a blast!

Considered one of the best restaurants and beach clubs in Tulum, Taboo Tulum has exotic dishes, artisanal drinks, and a fun atmosphere.

Its design is a fusion between the ancestral culture of Mexico and the characteristic bohemian style with handmade textiles, hanging swings, a large swimming pool in the center surrounded by beautiful terraces overlooking the sea.

Reservations are welcome.

Ahau Beach Club

Lots of adults head to Ahau for photo opportunities, Raw Love cafe and several activities open to the public. Ahau is surprisingly kids friendly though, so feel free to bring your kids to their restaurants and beach club.

Ziggy’s Beach Club

Ziggy’s welcomes kids and offers amazing food and smoothies. Ziggy’s has nightly entertainment from Mariachi to Beatles Band and staff is friendlier than anywhere else (especially Valentin).

Unlike some other beach clubs, Ziggy’s is far from pretentious. There is a minimum spend of $50 per person which includes use of the beds, pool table and access to their restaurant’s food, and drinks.

Ankur Shah

Friday 11th of August 2023

So it’s very simple. In urban clubs in US and other places. They just deny you entry. In Tulum they give entry to everyone. But the rate changes based on your group, if they feel you are not gonna go over the minimum. They raise the minimum. If you are a larger group of singles. They know you will blow thru the minimum and great atmosphere. I am going next week single dad. 2 young kids. Let’s see.


Wednesday 6th of March 2024

@Ankur Shah, how was the experience?


Monday 13th of February 2023

Just been to la zebra and the price per person is $75.

Anna Karsten

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

When though? Because friends went last week and they didn't pay $75... seems to be varying per season and per group these days :/

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