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Where to Stay in Paris with Kids

Where to Stay in Paris with Kids

Finding a place to stay in Paris if you’re a couple or solo traveler is easy – all you need to do is to pick where do you want to stay based on nearby attractions.

When it comes to traveling to Paris with kids, things can get tricky as it’s not just about the neighborhood, but you also need to take into the account Parisian regulations due to occupancy.

We’ve been to Paris with kids numerous times, as my kids simply love the city! Each time we try staying in a different area to experience something different.

Most importantly – we’ve been to every single of these hotels recommended below. It’s not just a random choice I pulled out of the internet. I personally vouch for these places to stay in Paris with kids.

Most Important Issue with Family Friendly Hotels in Paris

Paris is probably one of the most challenging destinations to book family-friendly accommodation. It’s not the stairs or small rooms, but they’re VERY strict occupancy laws due to fire hazard.

If you book a double room that has maximum 2 people occupancy, you simply cannot stay there with an extra baby. That’s right, even a baby counts as an extra person, even if you’re planning on co-sleeping and it’s obvious the baby isn’t occupying much space and obviously, the baby cannot be in a different part of the hotel in a different room.

Regardless of the age in Paris a baby, toddler, little kid – anyone counts as an extra person and the hotel cannot let it slide, because the fines for the properties are hefty.

You can always email a specific hotel to find out if a certain room has “hidden higher occupancy” or have interconnecting rooms, but don’t be surprised to hear no. You’ll likely be asked to book a suite and smaller, more affordable boutique hotels, has only one of these rooms – why booking in advance is absolutely essential!

Booking a hotel room with even a baby and toddler can be challenging because many hotels simply don’t allow 4 people in one room and offer only double rooms.

Family Friendly Hotels in Paris

Picking the Right Neighbourhood

Paris is divided into numerical districts called arrondissements. They start in the center (more or less by the Louvre and the Seine) and turn clockwise towards the suburbs. The lower numbers (1 to 9) are more central and closer to the major tourist sites.

Many great neighborhoods in Paris are perfect for families. Some of my favorites include the Marais, St. Germain, and Montmartre.

However, ask yourself what exactly do you want to do in Paris with kids. Simply because while it might be a good idea to stay in St. Germain for a first-time visit, if you’re coming to Paris to see Christmas markets or take day trips then I’d rather recommend a different area.

Best Place to Stay for First-Time Visitors to Paris with Kids

The Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighborhood is the quintessential Paris neighborhood and it’s extremely convenient when traveling with little ones. It’s close to Luxembourg Gardens and numerous restaurants, so you can eat a fantastic dinner and then walk back to your hotel in a few minutes.

There are shops in the area for stocking up on snacks, and transportation will get you pretty much anywhere.

Hotel I recommend: Les Rives de Notre-Dame

We stayed there not too long ago and the room was spacious for all 4 of us, and had an amazing view of Notre Dame. It was easily accessible with multiple shops and restaurants a few steps away.

Plus, there’s an elevator in the laneway just outside that takes you directly down to RER line B for CDG and ORLY airports – which is quicker than taking a taxi.

Best hotel in Paris with kids

Best Place to Stay in 1st Arrondissement

Some people want to have everything within walking distance. While I don’t think it’s a must, as staying in the 1st will set you back a good amount, there are a few amazing hotels in the area that are kids and pet-friendly.

Hotel I recommend: Hotel Regina Louvre

It’s a truly 5* hotel, but much cheaper than FS and just steps away from the Louvre. They offer rooms with Eiffel Tower views, are pet friendly and I found them very flexible when it comes to your needs.

Hotel I recommend: Relais Du Louvre

Another great 4* option that’s slightly cheaper than Regina Hotel. It’s very kids-friendly and even provides cots for babies (which isn’t usually a given in Paris).

Best Place to Stay for Day Trips & Christmas Markets

If you’re planning on doing day trips to Versaille, Loire Valley, or navigating different areas of the city I recommend staying close to central stations. Most trains leave from Gare du Lyon

Hotel I recommend: Courtyard Paris Gare de Lyon

While the hotel is honestly nothing amazing, the location is excellent – it’s right by the entrance to the station with trains and metro. The hotel has plenty of rooms to accommodate families with kids and if you opt for a higher floor you have a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

My kids enjoyed looking at the blinking Tower at night from the comfort of the hotel room, as they were too jetlagged and tired to stay out after a whole day of exploring Paris.

Hotel I recommend: Daunou Opera

While it’s not as well-connected as Gare du Lyon, Opera area is a quirky neighborhood with many restaurants, shops, local bakeries, and hangouts. I might be slightly sentimental, as it was the first area I lived in Paris when I was a student.

It’s one of a few hotels in Paris that actually can guarantee you connecting rooms.

Kids watching Eiffel Tower sparkle from a hotel in Paris

Where to Stay in Paris with Kids Close to the Eiffel Tower

Staying nearby the Eiffel Tower isn’t something I usually recommend with kids, as there’s not much to do near it. The area is very residential and mostly posh, so you can’t really find a random corner store or late-night snack

Hotel I recommend: Four Seasons George V

We weren’t planning on staying there, but as we were moving to Annecy and had a ton of luggage we needed big room and lots of amenities. They went above and beyond to make everyone happy (including the concierge getting our cat special meals and cleaning his litterbox).

Where to Stay in Paris with Kids Close to the Eiffel Tower: Four Seasons George V

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