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Kinderhotels Family-Friendly Hotels in Europe: Where to Find Them

Kinderhotels Family-Friendly Hotels in Europe: Where to Find Them

Kinderhotels in Europe are family-friendly hotels that don’t sacrifice parents comfort to make kids happy. This concept doesn’t really exist in the US (apart from one-off hotel that actually has long waitlists), where families are basically doomed to bringing kids to Disney, Legoland, or waterpark hotels with crappy fast food where it’s simply not relaxing for the parents.

What is a Kinderhotel?

This concept of family-friendly hotels feels like a luxury hotel where families can enjoy themselves. It’s a place where families can enjoy activities together, eat good food, children can play at multiple indoor and outdoor areas and parents can relax without children if they wish.

The rooms are usually designed with families in mind, with separate sleeping areas for the kids (no more hiding in the bathroom parents!).

Most importantly, unlike in a typical all-inclusive resort, Kinderhotels provide you with everything you might need. No need to drag a crib, changing pads, or high chairs… it’s all provided.

Moar Gut kids

Kinderhotels vs All Inclusive Resorts

Kinderhotels are mostly all-inclusive, but it’s not your typical Caribbean resort that Americans visit in Mexico or the islands. If you want to have a beach all-inclusive hotels like that Europeans tend to pick destinations outside of Europe to do so.

The best typical resorts are located in Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Mallorca.

The biggest difference is that at kinderhotels childcare is also provided for extended hours and also available for babies. It makes a huge difference because typical resorts won’t take kids under 4 years old, but at Kinderhotels you can drop the kids off anytime. I assure you, the kids won’t want to leave.

Kinderhotels in Europe

How to Find Kinderhotels?

Is there a database of them? Unfortunately no, because these are often individual establishments that don’t operate under one umbrella. Switzerland has an unofficial umbrella company, but others aren’t listed there.

Every kinderhotel will offer different facilities and things to do. Childcare might also vary, so you can really see what suits you.

Family Friendly Glamping

A very popular option among Europeans are also glamping spots. They’ve existed for a long time, but over the years evolved and added facilities.

They’re not luxurious, but offer activities for everyone for a very affordable price.

I’ve stayed at a few like Duinrell in the Netherlands and Union Lido in Italy.

Best Family Hotels for Skiing

Best Family Hotels for Skiing:

There are a few great kinderhotels that I can recommend specifically:

Alpenresidenz Ballunspitze, Austria

Sonnwies, Italy

Moar Gut, Austria

Grand Hotel Biancaneve, Italy

Marchenhotel Braunwald, Switzerland

Ultimate Database of Family Friendly Hotels (Kinderhotels in Europe):

Check hotel rules, amenities, and childcare options as they vary per hotel. For example, some might not offer infant childcare.

Austria – best ones




Greece – closest in concept:

Italy – best ones

Poland – closest in concept:




United Kingdom – closest in concept:


Friday 21st of June 2024

Grand green in Germany is amazing for kids!


Thursday 30th of May 2024

You may also want to check out Sunny Hill Resort in the New York Catskills and Woodloch Pines in Pennsylvania.

Both are full all inclusive with separate events and itineraries and childcare and spas that afford whole family events as well as supervised, kid only activities.

Are those comparable to these kinderhotels?


Monday 8th of July 2024

@AnnaEverywhere, hi, can you please share the specific location of the winter holiday in your post about this? A boy was swimming indoors then went through a passage that leads to the outdoor pool and there's snow outside? I'm looking for options for a Christmas holiday for my family (kids are 5, 4, and 2). Would SUPER appreciate your help!


Friday 31st of May 2024

Woodloch Pines doesn't have a kids-only club or activities. Parents need to always participate in everything and activities are geared towards children, and mostly older, so it's really not the same concept. It looks great, but I'd compare it more to Eurocamp than Kinderhotels. Although I will say that even the cheapest room without meals is over $1000 a night, which makes it absolutely not comparable to anything in Europe. For $1000 a night you'd get 24/7 childcare, activities, 5-course meals and it would be the absolute top-notch luxury experience. Eurocamps are more like $100-200 a night, that's why families love them.

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