About Anna

Hi, I’m ANNA KARSTEN. (née Anna Lysakowska)

I started traveling solo approximately 14 years ago, when I left home permanently, and I’ve been exploring the world ever since. However, my story isn’t a typical travel blogger’s story… I didn’t sell everything to travel because I had nothing to sell. I also didn’t quit my job or leave a boyfriend.

I believe that you can be an adventurous female without having to quit your job, university, or sacrificing your relationship. Unless, obviously, you want to.

One day you’ll find me in a luxury hotel, on another I’ll be horseback riding next to an active volcano, or hanging on aerial silks in the woods…

I want to show you the different aspects of travel experiences and how can you travel with purpose and learn from it. 

I’m here to prove that you can be born in a non-English speaking country, suffer from chronic diseases, and still live an adventurous lifestyle wherever in the world you want to be.

Dream big and learn from your travels. If I could do it, so can you!

You can have awesome education, chronic diseases, serious jobs AND still be an adventurous female!

My Story

Being born in Poland, to a regular family, I knew that I most likely wouldn’t be able to save up a lot and travel for a while. Neither it was something I wanted to do, as I wanted to go to school and work, rather than just taking a gap year.

Instead, I went to college first completing my degree in 1,5 year. I’ve learned a few foreign languages and focused on becoming a jack of all trades in order to make my skills marketable enough to live abroad.

And I traveled. I’ve been lost in the Amazon. I’ve walked among hundreds of thousands of penguins in South Georgia Island. I’ve stayed in the craziest overwater bungalow in the Maldives, ate breakfast with giraffees, and survived lightning struck while sitting on a meat truck surrounded by a dead cow in Zimbabwe. I’ve traveled solo to spots that most of my friends wouldn’t think of going, like Iran, Lebanon, Yemen or Eritrea.

Then I moved to the US and I used various opportunities to study abroad at the world’s top universities and found serious jobs in many countries (all right, that’s a very short version of my story). I was also able to save up a bunch of money on the way.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Amsterdam, Leiden (Netherlands), London (UK), Mexico City, Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Cape Town (South Africa), Verona (Italy) and Mendoza (Argentina).

In 2020 I bought a house with my husband in Salt Lake City, Utah (you can read about my “at home” adventures on my other blog) but I still spend a decent amount of time in Mexico every year. I even had my second baby in Mexico actually.

But the life of travel wasn’t always a bed of roses. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic diseases that prevent a lot of people from traveling, but it didn’t stop me. I didn’t give up. Traveling also helped me overcome anorexia.

Over 90 countries and all 7 continents later I’m still exploring the world and not planning on stopping anytime soon.

I disagree that you cannot combine a serious job or hobby with travels, especially as a female.

For instance, while I was publishing my book on international law and completing my MA degree I was also bungee jumping, hiking volcanos and traveling solo around Africa. Who says I cannot combine crazy travels with other things?

pink lake

What’s Anna Everywhere All About?

My blog is meant to describe my travel experiences and explain things I’m familiar with. 

I’m here to prove that you can be born in an unprivileged country (AKA not USA, UK, Western Europe, etc.), suffer from chronic diseases and still live an adventurous lifestyle.

I aim to show you how can you dream big, travel with purpose and learn from it. If I could do it, you can too!

Overcoming my fear of heights...
Overcoming my fear of heights by abseiling… Netherlands 2013.

I studied at 7 universities in different countries, using scholarships and working. I have no student debt and never had any. I’m a firm believer that one should consider going to college before traveling or taking a gap year (read more about it here).

  • Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun (2007 – 2009)
    BA Inter-faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities, major in Cultural History
  • University College London (2009 – 2010)
    MA Dutch Studies
  • Harvard University (2010)
    PGDipl in journalism – Feature Writing
  • University Iberoamericana in Mexico City (2011)
    PGDipl in Fashion Marketing
  • Oxford Brookes University (2012 – 2013)
    PGDipl in International Law & International Relations
  • Leiden University (2013-2014)
    MA in Latin American Studies, spec. Public Policies
  • I also started a Master’s in Nursing, but had to quit due to the business situation in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do You Afford to Travel?

While my blog is currently my main (but not the only) source of income, it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve been on the road way before I started travel blogging – 8 years more to be precise. If you’re curious how did I make it all happen to read my article on how I afford to travel and how I monetize my blog these days.

While I do make money blogging, there are many different ways to make money online that you can later spend on travels. These days (2021) I actually prefer not to work on many partnerships and make my money and then go whenever and wherever I want,

And… before anyone starts assuming: while I am often sponsored to travel somewhere, I also take my own trips to places I want to visit – just like I used to do before I started blogging.

For instance, no one paid me to go to Peru, Eritrea, or Cuba, but I went as I wanted to visit these places. I’d also never say that I’m being “paid to travel” like a lot of people claim to be. You can read my thoughts on this here.

Visiting Eritrea in May 2018.

Q: Where Are You Now?

My current location can be seen on my sidebar widget or home page, as I’m always somewhere on the road. Yes, I update it all the time.

(2021) I’m now enjoying my life back in the US living in Salt Lake City UT, along with my husband, two kiddos, and Poofy the Cat and a bunch of chickens. Meanwhile, I also travel a lot and slowly working on visiting every country in the world

Sadly, this is a Riad in Morocco, not my house.

Q: How Are You Traveling with Two Kids and Pets?

While it takes a good amount of planning and it’s not easy, we don’t give up because of the kids. We want to show the kids the world and will be taking them places. Dylan (the older one) already traveled to 8 countries, while Holden (the younger one) was actually exploring Mexican cenotes before he turned 3 weeks, so I’m going to expand my family travel section as they grow.

We’re already traveling with a cat without any major issues. Poof has visited a bunch of US states and been to 5 countries already. Everything is possible 🙂

Poofy is a frequent traveler already!

Q: What Are Your Must-Pack Items For Every Trip?

Most of the time I travel with a small carry-on suitcase only. I’m not sure whether I’m naturally a good packer, or I’m too afraid that my luggage would get lost on the way and I’d end up with nothing.

You can see what’s always in my suitcase in my carry-on packing guide and check my Travel Store.

cenote la noria

Q: Aren’t You Lonely on the Road When Traveling solo?

While I started this blog as a solo female travel blog. These days (since my husband is in the picture) I travel on my own 50% the time. I still love traveling solo.

Yes, I’ve got lonely many times, but I’ve learned to make friends as I go. Over the years I’ve been making a bunch of friends from universities, hostels or work – these days I can easily meet up with friends I made traveling anywhere I go.

Flying over NYC with my now husband!
Flying over NYC with Matt!

Q: “I’m Traveling to X, Do You Have Any Tips?”

It’s the most common question, especially on Instagram. Before you ask me for tips to any place, let me ask you this: what kind of tips are we talking about? Are you asking if this place is safe? Do you want to know where to stay? Or maybe you want to know what are the best attractions? What do you want to know about this place and what kind of traveler are you?

I have plenty of tips about destinations I visited, but I need more information. I can’t give you any answer before knowing what do you expect to hear from me.

The Monastery at Petra, Jordan 2018.

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • As you could have seen in my videos on YouTube or Instagram stories I speak English, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Dutch. I’m also proficient in French and used to speak German.
  • I adore all the wildlife, but my favorite ones are penguins, wombats, and dolphins. As a kid, I’ve had a miniature menagerie at home with all kinds of hamsters, rabbits, frogs, tortoises, cats, and quails. I even had a pet duck once.
  • I do aerial acrobatics which means I love to hang from the hoop upside down, swing from a flying trapeze and play with silks up in the air.
  • My two true passions are human rights law, forensic sciences and medicine. If I wasn’t moving that often I probably would be pursuing a career in either field and maybe one day I will. In fact, I’ve done some nursing school.
Disclaimer: This is not my giraffe. I wish. She’s a friend from the Giraffe Manor.

You can always connect with me on InstagramFacebookTwitterBloglovin and even YouTube! In the meantime enjoy the blog!DSC00091


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  1. Some Mexicans are as white as EAESTERN Europeans?!? No shit! What is this supposed to mean ppl?? Because I am Eastern European…..and we refer to the color of skin only in reference to one’s race and not just the color…..And please do not compare Mexico to Turkey and how women are treated in both countries….this is an insult to all Mexican women……

    • Actually I find Anna’s assessment of several countries (where I have lived in as well) very accurate. I am a Mexican and I do not find at all anything insulting, quite the opposite. What Anna is using is the general view of the uneducated people around the world (mainly because “Hollywood”)

    • I’ll give you an example: I’m mexican. My height is 177 cm, my skin is as white as snow, I have amber eyes and my hair is a dirty blond. My last name is LOUGH. We don’t have a familiar story like “we were inmigrants” NOTHING! We’re as mexicans as cactus (an edible type of cactus) or tacos. Mostly mexicans are like me. They even have grey or blue eyes. Taller than the average. Completely white in RACE. And we still being mexicans.

    • I agree completely with Anna on her comments on Mexico. I.m Mexican and what she says is completely truth. It’s time to finish with the stereotypes that exist about the countries, for example, in the USA the majority of people are not direct white Europeans descendants. In many USA cities you can see less whites than in some big cities in Mexico, like Guadalajara, Monterrey or other Central and Northern Mexican cities. I’m not racist, I just try to finish with stereiotypes as Anna kindly is doing.

  2. I’m Mexican and I’m not insulted. I understand Anna is referring to the color skin since our race is “mestizos” regardless of the real color of our skin. Unless we are pure indigenous. About the subway, it is quite truth. I get the feeling that you may drive your own car to go everywhere, just like I do. However, it is well known the risks for women of being harshly touched on overcrowded subways. Lastly, Turkey is a country in development, not a zoo. I don’t find the insult in the comparison.

  3. I am a mexican living in the USA and found her article on Mexico a little awkward but pretty accurate.
    The takeaway for me is this:
    Come to Mexico because
    Mexico is safer than what the US (and even Mexican) news portray
    Not all Mexicans are dark
    There are many other tourist destinations than just Cancun or Cabo
    Actual Mexican food is awesome and not necessarily spicy
    Women are treated better than in Muslim countries (not only Turkey)
    So come have some tacos de carnitas in Mexico city while taking pink buses with blond friends and not worry about being killed by the narcos. Lol

  4. A touch of over-sell here. In summary, you seem to have left Poland to go to the UK. Then studied briefly in the US on route to Mexico, before returning back to the UK and then on to Holland, to again attend university. Additionally, when time permitted, you’ve also enjoyed numerous holidays, financed, I guess, by work placements and bar jobs.

  5. I was curious if you ever considered changing the structure of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  6. I really like what you wrote about mexico, there are some things not accurate, but it will make an idea to your readers about real mexico.

  7. Hi,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I came across your blog and got impressed with the quality of content as well as frequent updates are looking great!

    I was wondering if you do accept in-content text link placement on an existing blog post of your blog annaeverywhere.com If yes, please reply me with price per link placement.

    Also, if you do allow sponsored post, do let me know price per sponsored post.

    Looking forward hearing from you soon


  8. Hi Anna, you and your blog are awesome! =)

    I dont travel very often so i wanna ask you for some tips about the money, not costs but something like … do you always carry some credit card or always cash?, maybe write a post about whats the best way to pay on your trips (planes, hotels, food, etc), is it true that American Express is the best for travelers or maybe Visa?… i dont know, something like that =P im sure you have some advices about it

    Thanks in advance for your time and tips

    • Good idea for the post! However, it’s hard to say as it all depends of the country. In some countries it’s better to bring cash, in some cards work better. While Amex is the best in North America in Europe it’s a pain in the ass 😉

  9. Hi, Anna I just read your story about psoriasis on News.com and wanted to say thank you, I have had psoriasis since I was quite young an you very eloquently described what it’s like, so again just wanted to say thank you

  10. I have had my whole body covered in psoriasis . After many years of embarrasment, pain and torture and creams etc and visiting specialists, drs etc i fixed it myself. I gave up Brown bread, onions, sulphar foods such as cheezels, potatoe chips, nuts , cucumber, oranges, 95 % chocolate, mandarins, 99% of my sugar intake which included tomatoe sauce etc , rock melons . Butter and margarine i gave up .I dont drink alcohol, dont drink tea or coffee and dont smoke. I eat mainly fruit and vegetables and lean meat and chicken and a piece of fish on rare occasions. I drink mainly water and milk and NOT cool drink or FJ. I make my own FJ by using 100% fruit NO sugars.. I use only natural sea salt BUT only to put onto a meat etc I dont cook in salt .I only eat white bread approx 2 pieces per day .Less sugar in them the better .I eat whit rolls ocassionally. I use extra virgin olive oil. I also soak my arms 2 times per day in salt water. In doing this i use approx 1 KG of salt per week in soaking my arms . I salt the water in a container in the morning and dissolve it and i then soak my arms for 15 minutes and then when i take them out of the salt water i let my arms dry naturally . I repeat this at lunch time and then during the evening. Why soak my arms ?.. well the skin on them became so weak , if i accidently pressed the skin too hard my skin would break out in huge red marks as though someone had hit me with a cricket bat. So now after soaking them in the salt water the skin has become tougher but i still soak them and now if i accidently hit my arm ie on a door or something hard the marks rareley appear if at all. I use the same salt water i used in the morning for lunch soaking and evening soaking then tip it out and put new salt water in the next day .
    I figured out with my psoriasis that it has a lot to do with what i was eating and drinking. My kidneys and liver must be enjoying my new diet. Just about everyday people who know me are so surprised at my skins lack of psoriasis . I also sleep in thick ACTIL BRAND cotton sheets / pillow slips only cotton , cost approx $180 per set . I found other type of sheets were contributing to my psoriasis . I also wear cotton clothes, socks etc . I avoid if possible other types of fabrics. Over heating alos contibutes to psoriasis . If the psoriasis appears it starts near my ankles but i know i have broken my diet ( chocolate ) and i quickly change and i use on a couple of spots an ointment ( from my Dr ) named Eleuphrat ONLY for my body NOT my face.as it would tear my face apart. For my face i use Hydrozole. The tubes are 30 g each and last me for months IF the psoriasis breaks out .

    My Drs said my psoriasis was the worst they had seen . The are amazed what i did and did say because it worked for me it may not work for others. I also lost a lot of weight, i figured the extra fat i had wasnt good for me but helping the psoriasis . Even my son who is a Dr is shocked . He didnt recognise me as we had not seen him for 3 yrs , only photos etc and my wife has visited him out of our state but i didnt visit him. i was too ashamed too travel etc . She was on strict advice from me not to tell him what i was doing. lol .When we visited him last Xmas , yes i flew interstate , He looked at me , he walked straight passed me at the airport , he didnt know who i was , , his look at me when he realised who i , was priceless .
    i AM NOT in anyway associated with any of the brands i have named . It was over a period of years i experimented with fabrics, medications etc .
    Good luck

  11. Dear Anna, I appreciate you do not want your blog nor you to be defined by psoriasis but just needed to comment. My ex had psoriasis in her hair so twice a week I would use the appropriate charcoal ointment and work all the excess skin out (usually onto my lap as she laid there). Ironically, it was the best times of the week as it was just us and personal. Never did I look at the psoriasis or her with negativity due to same. If anything it bought us closer and became part of our lives not just hers. I guess I am just trying to say, sometimes these things can be positive with the right person.

    And a massive thank you for showing everyone out there that you can have psoriasis and still be stunning.

  12. Hi Anna, I came across your blog and had a couple questions would love to e-mail them to you. Also I know you taught English in Mexico I’d love to do that somewhere like Spain or maybe Cuba, Costa Rica. What did you do again was it a study exchange program? I’m curious because I really want to experience other cultures and travel. Any information would be helpful,Thanks! Heather

  13. I saw your blog and was immediately interested. I’ve always loved traveling and have recently been diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis. It started about 6-8 months ago (I am 20) and has been a difficult living adjustment. My skin is constantly itchy, and I never know what will irritate it next. My nails look like they’re rotting and my skin is red, scaly, and bumpy. I have a whole drawer full of ointments and prescriptions that sometimes don’t even work. I’ve started to think that having eczema and psoriasis could keep me from doing the things I love. Like you said, I have already adjusted my wardrobe to avoid comments and negative reactions to my skin. Your blog makes me feel better about myself and my condition and that I can still travel and enjoy the world even with eczema and psoriasis. I will definitely be looking into your blog! Thank you for being an inspiration. Keep traveling!

    • Hi Marissa! I know exactly how you feel and I honestly gave up on treatment because nothing really worked for me and I wasn’t eligible for Humira or Stelara (because I’m not US based atm). One tip: I recently read somewhere about a magic Chinese cream and since it was cheap ($3!) I thought let’s try it and got it from Amazon. I’m completely clean after a week of using it including my scalp and it even got my nails better. I’m seriously impressed. That’s the cream: https://amzn.to/2edjy0t

  14. Hi, Anna thanks you so much as you are talking about our country Morocco and it’s wonderful places.
    I like your Blog it very rich by information.
    Thank you so much again

  15. Hi Anna, you and your blog are awesome! =)

    I don’t travel very often so i wanna ask you for some tips about the money, not costs but something like … do you always carry some credit card or always cash?

    I am from Nepal

    Geographical Location
    Nepal is a land-locked country bordering with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China in the north and surrounded by India in the east, south and west. Contains eight of world’s 10 highest peaks, including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga – the world’s tallest and third tallest – on the borders with China and India respectively.
    Nepal has four major seasons, namely,(1) Winter: December-February, (2) Spring: March-May, (3) Summer: June-August and (4) Autumn: September-November. Nepal can be visited all the year round.

  16. Dear Anna,
    want to know I am Indian citizen, can I travel with this e-visa application form called “visa application submission notice” to IKA- IKA: Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran.

  17. Hi Anna.
    Love your postings. Very helpful and informative. My wife and I are heading over to London next month.
    Instead of taking the Heathrow Express to Central London, I thought maybe we would take a car service this time.
    Can you recommend any reasonable and dependable car services that go from Heathrow to the Picadilly area ?
    Many thanks.

    • I’ve taken BlackLane once and it was good. Otherwise, you can just take a regular cab. It will be about 100 GBP and depending on the time you land it could take about an hour in traffic.

  18. What a great adventure. I’m so inspired after reading your blog. I believe that sooner you begin to speak a new language, the sooner you’ll open yourself up to a world that’s bigger, richer and more inspiring. I followed you on Instagram and subscribe to your youtube channel. Looking forward to your travels.


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