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About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna!

I started traveling solo approximately 15 years ago, when I left home permanently, and I’ve been exploring the world ever since. However, my story isn’t a typical travel blogger’s story… I didn’t sell everything to travel because I had nothing to sell. I also didn’t quit my job or leave a boyfriend.

I believe that you can be an adventurous female without having to quit your job, university, or sacrifice your relationship.

One day you’ll find me in a luxury hotel, on another I’ll be horseback riding next to an active volcano, hanging on aerial silks in the woods, or these days also exploring playgrounds around the world with my kids…

I want to show you the different aspects of travel experiences and how can you travel with purpose and learn from it. 

I’m here to prove that you can be born in a non-English speaking country, suffer from chronic diseases, and still live an adventurous lifestyle wherever in the world you want to be.

Dream big and learn from your travels. If I could do it, so can you!

My Story

Being born in Poland, to a regular family, I knew that I most likely wouldn’t be able to save up a lot and travel for a while. Neither it was something I wanted to do, as I wanted to go to school and work, rather than just taking a gap year.

Instead, I went to college first completing my degree in 1,5 year. I’ve learned a few foreign languages and focused on becoming a jack of all trades in order to make my skills marketable enough to live abroad and eventually created my own set of businesses.

And I traveled. I’ve been lost in the Amazon. I’ve walked among hundreds of thousands of penguins in South Georgia Island.

I’ve stayed in the craziest overwater bungalow in the Maldives, ate breakfast with giraffees, and survived lightning struck while sitting on a meat truck surrounded by a dead cow in Zimbabwe.

I’ve traveled solo to spots that most of my friends wouldn’t think of going, like Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, South Sudan or Eritrea.

Then, I moved to the US and I used various opportunities to study abroad at the world’s top universities and found serious jobs in many countries (all right, that’s a very short version of my story). I was also able to save up a bunch of money on the way.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Boston MA, Boulder CO, Salt Lake City UT, Amsterdam & Leiden (Netherlands), London (UK), Paris & Annecy (France), Mexico City & Playa del Carmen (Mexico), Cape Town (South Africa), Verona (Italy) and Mendoza (Argentina).

But the life of travel wasn’t always a bed of roses. I’ve been diagnosed with chronic diseases that prevent a lot of people from traveling, but it didn’t stop me. I didn’t give up. Traveling also helped me overcome anorexia.

Over 97 countries and all 7 continents later I’m still exploring the world and not planning on stopping anytime soon.

I disagree that you cannot combine a serious job or hobby with travel, especially as a female.

For instance, while I was publishing my book on international law and completing my MA degree I was also bungee jumping, hiking volcanos, and traveling solo around Africa. Who says I cannot combine crazy travels with other things?

I studied at 7 universities in different countries, using scholarships and working. Studying abroad has given me amazing opportunities and connected me with lots of people around the world.

I’m a firm believer that one should consider going to college before traveling or taking a gap year (read more about it here).

Considering that I spent all my very limited savings on travel and emergencies, and only made about $550 USD a month exactly a decade ago I consider it a success and proof that you can lead the same life too! Learn more about careers and side hustles here.

What’s Anna Everywhere All About?

My blog is meant to describe my travel experiences and explain things I’m familiar with.

I’m here to prove that you can be born in an unprivileged country (AKA not USA, UK, Western Europe, etc.), suffer from chronic diseases and still live an adventurous lifestyle.

I aim to show you how can you dream big, travel with purpose and learn from it. If I could do it, you can too!

As I now have two children, I expanded my family travel section as well. These days I travel with the kids 50% of time, on top of my solo trips.

Overcoming my fear of heights...
Overcoming my fear of heights by abseiling… Netherlands 2013.

Some Random Facts About Me:

  • As you could have seen in my videos on YouTube or Instagram stories I speak English, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Dutch. I’m also proficient in French and used to speak German.
  • I adore all the wildlife, but my favorite ones are penguins, wombats, and dolphins. As a kid, I’ve had a miniature menagerie at home with all kinds of hamsters, rabbits, frogs, tortoises, cats, and quails. I even had a pet duck once.
  • I do aerial acrobatics which means I love to hang from the hoop upside down, swing from a flying trapeze and play with silks up in the air.
  • My two true passions are human rights law, forensic sciences and medicine. If I wasn’t moving that often I probably would be pursuing a career in either field and maybe one day I will. In fact, I’ve done some nursing school.
Disclaimer: This is not my giraffe. I wish. She’s a friend from the Giraffe Manor.

You can always connect with me on InstagramFacebook and YouTube! In the meantime enjoy the blog!