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Tips for Expats & Digital Nomads

As you probably already saw on my About page I’ve been traveling & living abroad pretty much all my life. One can assume that I do nothing else jump around different places, but my life outside of travel is also exciting.

Before this blog became a full-time gig and I’ve become a digital nomad I had a daytime job, studied at various universities, and therefore I can give you tips on how to move abroad – whether you’re a digital nomad, want to study, have kids in tow, or want to find a job in a different country.

I lived abroad in many different places on 4 different continents. I can tell you everything I know about visas, finding work, housing and cultural differences of the place.


MEXICO living

Playa del Carmen specific:

POLAND living


ITALY living

USA living

UK living

AFRICA living


I can’t possibly live everywhere. This is why I asked some destination experts about their tips for moving to countries where I haven’t had a chance to live.

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