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Travel with Kids

Do you want to travel when pregnant or with small kids? I’m a semi-new travel mom and I take my little guys everywhere!

Traveling with kids might sound scary and difficult, but it’s totally possible. I’m constantly updating this section to make it more useful for you. Have kids, will travel!

While it takes a good amount of planning and it’s not always easy, I don’t give up because of the kids. We want to show the kids the world and will be taking them places. Dylan traveled to 15 countries already by the time he was 3, while Holden was exploring Mexican cenotes before he even turned 3 weeks old.

Essentials of Traveling with Kids

Traveling Full-Time with Kids

Europe with Kids

Slovenia with a Baby

Switzerland with Kids

Malta with a Baby

Poland with a Baby

Warsaw with Kids

Spain with a Baby

North America with Kids

Utah with Kids

Seattle with Kids

Raleigh with Kids

Other Destinations:

Maldives with Kids

Dubai with Kids

Traveling While Pregnant