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Expat life, solo off-the-path adventures, with family travel in between.

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Hi, I’m Anna!

I’m a Polish-born citizen of the world. I’ve never quit my job to travel – did the opposite actually.

At 20, I embarked on a solo mission to travel the world while building my career through studying and working abroad.

Now, I’m a successful digital nomad who lived in 8 countries so far. Mostly solo, but past few years also with a husband, two kids and cat.

I’m on a mission to slowly visit every country in the world. I want to explore places thoroughly and tend to revisit spots as well to cover it enough.

So far I visited 93/197 countries on all 7 continents.

Travel is an opportunity for personal growth. It’s my mission to teach YOU how can you turn YOUR dreams of travel and career, into reality.

I want to show that you don’t have to be ultra-rich or have a partner to travel! Start traveling better and more effectively.

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