Giraffe Manor in Kenya – Is It Worth the Money?

Giraffes sticking their heads through the windows for breakfast and reaching to your balcony… you might have seen these incredible photos on social media already. It’s the Giraffe Manor. When I first found out about it, way before Instagram was even popular, I was dying to go there. Sadly, during my visit to Kenya the hotel was closed for refurbishment.

A few years later, the Giraffe Manor still remained on my bucket list. While the price for the night more than tripled since the first time I tried to stay there, this time you had to book at least a year in advance, I made this visit happen for my honeymoon.

Giraffe Manor

The most common question people asked me after my stay was:

Is the Giraffe Manor worth the money?

I get it. Quite often some places on our bucket lists don’t turn out to be as cool as we thought they were. Since neither Matt or I were sponsored to stay there I could write absolutely anything I wanted about this place.

I never write nice things about a hotel that wasn’t nice in reality even if I was sponsored to stay there, but I felt like some people might trust my opinion more if I stated the above. Fair enough.

I’m pleased to tell you that the Giraffe Manor is absolutely worth your time and money. It surely didn’t disappoint me, and I believe I can say the same thing for my husband.


The Manor

The Giraffe Manor is part of The Safari Collection hotel group that owns a few luxury resorts around Kenya. While the Manor is a luxury hotel, it’s surely not your usual resort.

You won’t find a fitness center or a swimming pool there. It’s a restored 1930s mansion that’s still family-owned, despite being part of the hotel group. Each room at the main house I stayed at is absolutely gorgeous (peeked into other ones).

Nairobi Kenya

What’s included in your stay?

Absolutely everything. From dining and cocktails, through laundry services, wifi to airport pick-up and drop-off. Some of you might be scared off by the price, but all these things alone would cost a bunch elsewhere.


All meals at the Giraffe Manor were exceptional. You can have a choice of eating with other guests or have a more private set-up. During my visit, everyone opted for a romantic set-up, which worked for them as there weren’t any guests with kids at the time.

However, if you’re coming for a couples getaway or honeymoon, keep in mind that kids might be running around as most of them obviously love the giraffes.

breakfast with giraffes

Now let’s actually talk about the giraffes…

Rothschild Giraffes

The Giraffe Manor is home to Rothschild Giraffes, not the same ones that you can see in a local zoo or a safari. They’re one of the four types of giraffes and can be distinguished by their white socks.

They’re completely free to do whatever they want, whenever they want since this place isn’t a petting zoo. The giraffes are used to human interactions, but don’t be fooled – they aren’t all friendly.

The staff will be with you the entire time and tell you do’s and dont’s, because some of your new tall friends can headbutt and send you to the hospital if they like.

Together with Nairobi Giraffe Center located next door, The Safari Collection works to positively affect the community and wildlife. In addition, The Safari Collection works with different organizations that help the mere 20,000 lions and 7,000 cheetahs remaining in Africa.

Giraffe Manor Nairobi

Giraffe Manor Kenya


Apart from giraffes, the manor is home to a sounder of warthogs, better known as Pumbas from the Lion King. I’ve seen warthogs before in Zimbabwe and South Africa, but always from afar as they’re cautious with safari vehicles and humans. Not these guys though. They walked all the way to the window and doors and I was able to admire them closely.

While ugly to some people, I found them ridiculously cute. They kneel down to eat the grass or leftover molasses snacks but run with their tails up.

warthogs kenya

My Day at the Giraffe Manor

Between our arrival time around 11 AM and early afternoon, we actually did not see the giraffes. Instead, we found a jar in our room labeled ‘Don’t eat’, which turned out to be molasses snacks prepared for giraffes.

Since the Giraffe Center is located nearby (you can see it from the hotel), the tall guys are hanging out there until the place closes at 5 PM. I guess if I was a giraffe, I’d be where the snacks are too.

While we waited for the giraffes a delicious 3-course lunch was served to us outside and we enjoyed the downstairs lounge with an open bar, books, and giraffe-shaped chess set.

giraffe photobomb
Giraffes photobomb a lot…


Right before 5 PM the guests are invited to the front of the house for an afternoon tea. We barely had time to eat our scones and drink the actual tea, as the hungry giraffes approached the building.

They were surely expecting us to feed them, ready to eat from our hands and give us very slimy kisses.

While giraffe’s saliva is antiseptic, I passed on the kiss. Once we ran out of snacks, the giraffes retired for the night and we were ready for dinner.

morning at giraffe manor

Giraffe Manor Nairobi

Around 5 AM, one greedy giraffe stuck his head to our balcony begging for food. Once the sun is completely up, all the giraffes were ready for breakfast so all guests gathered in the dining room to share the meals.

Sticking their heads through open windows, giraffes quickly cleaned up their plates. Hungry warthogs followed around, eating leftovers from the grass. The whole scene was definitely magical!

As fantastic this experience was, don’t do this at home. Giraffes make a horrible mess…

breakfast with giraffes

breakfast with giraffes

Is 1 night Enough at the Giraffe Manor?

Totally, but remember that these days the Safari Collection wants to book another property of their to stay at the Giraffe Manor.  It’s understandable due to its popularity and don’t worry – their other properties are amazing too!

We arrived around 11 AM and left the next day at 10 AM since the check-out time is very strict. I felt like if we stayed for the second day, we’d want to arrange some special activities, like visiting David Sheldrick foundation with baby elephants, but we did it after check-out anyway without having to pay for an extra night.

Do I recommend Giraffe Manor? Absolutely! Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, want to bring children over, or simply you’re a big fan of giraffes, this unique hotel will satisfy your cravings.

Check out their availability calendar here, but book in advance.

Any questions about the Giraffe Manor in Kenya? Let me know in the comments below!

25 thoughts on “Giraffe Manor in Kenya – Is It Worth the Money?”

  1. But did you get to eat Kenyan food like their special spicy meat samosas? Or irio? Or nyama choma?
    When I lived there (long ago!), giraffes would graze in pastures with cows. It was quite easy to get up close to them, but not too close–they were wild.

    • I had the spicy samosas, but not nyama choma that time. I think I had the Ugandan version of it, but wasn’t a fan probably because I’m not big on goat meat.

  2. I just love this place and yes, it is worth the prize. Thanks for sharing these lovely photographs with us and I would love to make it to this place.

  3. I guess I need to start planning way in advance! haha, definitely been on my bucketlist for awhile! We love giraffes!! We saw so many in Tanzania on safari but it would be such a magical experience to actually stay somewhere we can interact with them so close like this ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing your opinion! I love all your photos!

  4. I’ve also had this on my bucketlist since seeing some photos on the internet or social media, it just looks like such a quirky place, with Giraffes & Warthogs being such clumsy & friendly animals.
    I’m glad it hasnt disappointed you guys, which leaves me confident we wont be disappointed when we eventually visit.. Fingers crossed for 2019. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I read the article twice, and see no reference to prices. The headline asks if it is worth the money, and you answer “yes,” yet no mention of cost is discussed. Even if I Google this place there is no mention of transportation, tips, side trips, etc. Why not?

    • The hotel costs around $1190 for the regular room for 2 people. As I said in the article: “What’s included in your stay? Absolutely everything. From dining and cocktails, through laundry services, wifi to airport pick-up and drop-off. Some of you might be scared off by the price, but all these things alone would cost a bunch elsewhere.”
      This is Africa – you ALWAYS tip the staff everywhere and there are tip boxes.

  6. It’s really exciting to get up close and personal with these gentle giants! I’m so thrilled for our trip there next year. Thanks for your wonderful feedback about the place Anna.

  7. OMG! I’m super excited about my trip to Kenya in August. First, we’ll be going to Barcelona, we’ve booked an apartment for rent in Barcelona and then we’ve booked this hotel room in Kenya. I hope we have an amazing trip! Thanks for the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Great read! I was there last year and made it next door to the giraffe center. It truly is an amazing experience. I am wondering something semi-related to your trip, but a bit more general as well. Can you speak on the trend of people really wanting to visit places like this. More of an “experiential” trip as oppose to the average “vacation”… It seems like people are urging to get out and do travel different. Where do you think this trend came from, or how do you think it evolved? People seemingly are wanting to be more hands on and in the middle of things more. Would you agree, and what else can you inform me on relating to this subject. I would truly appreciate it.

  9. Great info but wonder: all day without any interaction yet worth the money you say?! Is there a reason why you didn’t go to the Giraffe Centre like the person giving a comment? Are you allowed? Extra cost? What was the rate for tips? Are there extras to pay for eg. bucket of food? Do they cater for vegetarians? How do you get to eat yourself if they are there too? Is it a very short space of time when you can interact or is there plenty of time to really enjoy quality time AND extra time for photos? Found other such experiences can be a bit rushed, not long enough for the excitement to die down, the photos to be taken and THEN you can finally really be in the moment with them. Sorry for all the Qs but it’s alot of money and only 1 night?! Thanks

    • After spending the night at Giraffe Manor there was no point of going to the Giraffe Center anymore as these are the same giraffes. At the manor you get more of an intimate experience.

      Who said all day without any interaction? Giraffes came for an afternoon tea to the manor and then for breakfast. As described, before you get to enjoy your breakfast you have plenty of time to interact with the giraffes as they come over before dawn. You pay no extras, minus tips of course but you should be tipping everyone in Africa anyways. They cater for vegetarians, yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. What currency did you tip in Kenya ? Iโ€™m at Giraffe Manor for 2 nights then we are going to South Africa.I donโ€™t fancy changing to Kenyan Shilling as we wonโ€™t be there long.Would ยฃ or Rand be ok ? Thank you .

  11. Are any of the rooms better than the others? We were thinking about the Marlon room, but is the Blixen Suite also good? Thanks for your advice!

  12. We are planning to stay @Girafffe Manor one night next January but before to complete the reservation i’m trying to understand if is made for business or good intentions. Is that ethical and respectful of animals? I know is not a zoo but some reviews of the adjacent ‘Giraffe Centre’ let us understand that giraffes cannot do what they want but they are somehow pushed towards the Centre or to the hotel. Don’t know what to do.

  13. Hi, one question, is there some one in the hotel that help you to take pictures? because i can see that you have some pictures with your husband or you ask some one random or you have a tripod?

    Thank you, sorry maybe is a dumb question but if im going to spend so much money i want to have those memories on photo.

    • Not a silly question at all! ๐Ÿ™‚ When usually take our photos with a tripod, but when the giraffes are roaming around tripods are not allowed outside (actually neither was my husband so the photo of me with the giraffe in the door is taken by the staff), so some of the staff members helped us with those. During breakfast we had our tripod set, but other people didn’t and you can always ask someone from the staff to take some photos – they’re happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚


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