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Mexico Power Outlet Tips: Do You Need an Adapter?

Mexico Power Outlet Tips: Do You Need an Adapter?

Do you need an electrical adapter for Mexico? What power outlets does Mexico have? There are many questions you should be asking when traveling to a new country but this one is quite often forgotten.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your vacation and realizing that you can’t charge any of your devices before going on a hunt to find the right adapter for your country at a local market. So one of my first Mexico travel tips is to organize this ahead of time.

There’s a big chance that you might need an adapter for your trip to Mexico. Depending on your devices and where are you traveling from, you might also need a voltage converter.

Electricity in Mexico: Do You Need a Voltage Converter in Mexico?

Mexican outlets are 127V which is more voltage than the US’s 120V outlets but much less than Europe’s 220V.

But just because the voltage output may differ, it doesn’t mean you always need a voltage converter as many modern appliances have what is called duel voltage ratings.

This means that you will need to check the voltage rating on each of the appliances you wish to bring. If the voltage has a range such as “INPUT: 110-240V”, you do not need a voltage converter as Mexico’s 127V falls within this range.

Alternatively, if you see a single number (that is not 127V) or the range does not extend to 127V, you will need to get a voltage converter to use in addition to your outlet adapter.

Mexico Power Outlet

Electric Outlets in Mexico

Mexico uses types A and B outlets which can be identified as two straight, parallel pins with or without a third, round grounding pin. These are the same types of outlets that you will find in the US.

What Plugs Do They Use in Mexico?

With both type A and B outlets, Mexico uses the same plugs as you would use in the US.

That being said, the rules around having grounded appliances are not so strict in Mexico so it’s possible that you will not find as many type B outlets as you may in the US.

If you have many devices with grounding plugs such as laptops, you may want to bring along a powerboard that accepts multiple type B plugs but attaches to the wall with a type A outlet.

Converters for Mexico

Universal Power Strip

This clever power strip allows you to plug in up to 6 devices at once with 3 USB ports and 3 universal outlets which will accept devices from all around the world.

With a Type A output, you don’t have to worry whether or not the sockets are grounded in your hotel as it will fit any socket in Mexico.

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

An essential companion for any frequent traveler, this is the ultimate universal power adaptor which allows you to connect devices with any plug type to any plug socket around the world.

While it is a little bulky, this is super handy to have if you don’t want to have to look up articles like these every time you visit somewhere new as you will always be prepared.

FAQ about Mexico power outlet:

Does Mexico Use US Outlets?

Mexico uses the same plug types as the US which is type A and B, however the voltage is different with the US being 120V and Mexico using 127V.

Should I bring a hairdryer to Mexico?

Choosing whether or not to bring your own hair dryer depends on what type of appliance you have as well as where you are going. If the input voltage range of your hair dryer includes 127V, it will work as normal in Mexico.

Many hotels will offer hair dryers for guest use, so it might be best to check with your accommodation before squeezing it into your suitcase.

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