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Power Outlets and Electricity in Italy – Find the Right Adapter

Power Outlets and Electricity in Italy – Find the Right Adapter

When traveling to Italy, it’s important that you have the correct electrical adaptors to ensure all your appliances work correctly. 

This isn’t only for efficiency but also for safety. Since European outlets have a much higher voltage than ones you will find in the US as well as some other countries around the world, plugging high-power appliances into the wrong sockets can cause electrical issues and in the worst case, even start fires.

Electric Outlets in Italy

Italy uses the standardized European outlets which are type C, F, and L, consisting of two or three round pins in a row of varying widths. 

Type C and L outlets have the same dimensions when it comes to the pin shape and width, however, type C has just two prongs while type L has a third grounding prong. 

Type F outlets have thicker holes in order to accept the Schuko plug however type C and L also fit in these outlets. 

What Plugs Do They Use in Italy?

At first, all these different plugs can seem a little confusing, but the easiest thing to keep in mind is that type C plugs work in all European socket types

If any of the devices you wish to bring have a 3-pronged plug, you will also want to bring along a type L plug which has an additional grounding pin. Many laptop chargers and heating tools will need this extra protection. 

In bathrooms you’ll usually find the standard European outlet – type C

Do You Need a Voltage Converter in Italy?

Italian outlets are 230V which is much higher than the US’s 120V, so as a general rule, Americans will need to be very careful when plugging in any of their electronics from home. 

That being said, many modern appliances have dual voltage ratings which means they can work at any voltage within a range. Make sure to check each appliance’s input voltage to see if you need a voltage converter

If the voltage says something along the lines of “INPUT: 110-240V”, you do not need a voltage converter as Italy’s 240V falls within this range.

Alternatively, if your appliance has a single number that is not 240V for input voltage, or the range does not extend to 240V, you will need to get a voltage converter to use in addition to your outlet adapter.

electricity in italy
In living areas, especially older apartments, you’ll usually find type L outlet.

Converters for Italy

Key Power 230-Watt Step Down

If most of your appliances are made for North American outlets, this two-in-one voltage and plug adaptor automatically converts your 110V appliances to 230V

With 3 slots for American plugs plus multiple USB and USB-C inputs, you will have plenty of space to charge all your devices, plus it comes with 5 different interchangeable wall plugs so you can use it all around the world.

4 Pack European Travel Plug Adapter

For those appliances that are already in the correct voltage and don’t require a grounding plug, I love these simple travel adaptors that are super small and easy to use. 

They take US and European plugs and being type C adapters, they fit all power sockets in Italy

Just be careful if you are using lower-voltage appliances as these adapters are not designed to convert voltage.

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter

Since the UK has different sockets to Italy and the rest of Europe, this universal travel adaptor is the perfect tool if you plan to travel to many different countries

It allows you to connect devices with any plug type to any outlet around the world. 

Plus, it also has USB and USB-C sockets so you can plug many chargers in at the same time without having to carry separate wall adaptors. 

FAQ about Italian power outlets:

Should I bring a hairdryer to Italy?

Hairdryers are a common appliance that is quite finicky when it comes to using the correct voltage as they require quite a lot of power to work. If the input voltage range of your hair dryer extends up to 240V, it will work as normal in Italy.

With that said, most hotels will offer hair dryers for guest use, so check with your accommodation first to see if it’s worth bringing. 

Can I use any European plug in Italy?

Yes, all standard European plugs will work in Italy. The only exception is UK plugs which have an entirely different shape to those you will find in the rest of Europe and will require an adaptor. 

Note also that if you have a grounded plug with three prongs, you will need to use a 3 pronged outlet. 

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