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Where to Stay in Positano – Best Hotels & Things to Consider

Nestled on the coast of the sparkling Mediterranean, Positano is a picturesque town famous for its steep streets, pastel-colored houses, and the endless blue sea. Arguably one of the best places to stay on the Amalfi Coast, it’s a favorite vacation spot for the rich and famous.

With its incredible views, delicious Italian food, and high-end shopping, naturally, it’s also on a huge number of tourist’s Italian itineraries, which makes it an incredibly busy place during the summer. That’s why it’s super important that you pick your accommodation in Positano well and far in advance! Places here book out over a year in advance so let’s get started. 

Why Stay in Positano

If you like the idea of waking up to the sound of the sea, stepping out onto a sun-drenched balcony overlooking a picturesque Italian village, with vibrant houses cascading down to the turquoise waters of the Amalfi Coast, you’ll love staying in Positano.

The town itself offers plenty to explore. You can spend your days wandering through narrow streets, visiting local shops, relaxing on beaches, and let’s not forget the plethora of dining options where you can indulge in authentic Italian cuisine while soaking in the stunning views

But staying in Positano is more than just living in a postcard, strategically it’s a great location if you want to explore the whole of the region while returning to the comfort of your sea-view room in the evening. It’s one of the first towns you will come across when traveling to the Amalfi Coast from Rome or Naples, and from here you can easily visit other towns like Amalfi, Ravello, or even take a ferry to Capri.

Positano vs Other Amalfi Towns

I think Positano is the best town to stay in on the Amalfi Coast if you’re looking for the most romantic, picture-perfect Italian getaway you can find. It has iconic cliffside buildings, great beaches, a vibrant atmosphere, and an unbeatable shopping and dining scene.

That being said, it is the most sought-after town in the region making prices go through the roof and hotels book out over a year in advance. So I think everyone should consider what you’re personally looking for in your stay. 

If you prefer a bustling nightlife and a variety of dining options, Positano is a great choice. However, if you’re after a more secluded and tranquil experience, a smaller town like Ravello or Praiano might be more your style. Alternatively, Amalfi town is bustling with history and is much more accessible with flatter terrain and more transport options. 


What to Consider When Picking Accommodation in Positano 

When picking accommodation in Positano, there are a few things to consider to make sure your vacation is as perfect as the town. Booking the right hotel can make or break your trip here! 

Steep Hills – The whole town is essentially built on the side of a cliff, which means there are a lot of stairs! I did manage to stay in Positano with a baby (and stroller), but you’re going to want to pick a hotel that’s close to the beach if you have limited mobility. 

Views – One of Positano’s biggest draws is its stunning sea views, but not all hotels have them. Many hotels face across the town giving you a view of the other hotels rather than the sea. While they are pricey, I highly recommend that you choose a place with a good view for at least one night to witness the magic of this town, you won’t regret it. That being said, some of the best views are from higher up on the cliffs, so you may need to compromise if you don’t want to be climbing hundreds of stairs daily. 

Access to Transport – If you plan to explore the Amalfi Coast on multiple-day trips, consider how close your accommodation is to ferry ports or bus stops. While it isn’t a big town, the stairs can certainly be deadly in the heat of the summer! 

Different Areas in Positano

Even though Positano isn’t that big, there are a few distinct areas that you should think about when choosing where to stay in Positano. 

Near the Beach – Best for Convenience and Views

Staying near the beach means you’re at the heart of everything. From here, you have immediate access to boat tours, beachside restaurants, and the iconic Positano landscape right at your doorstep. However, remember that convenience often comes with a bit of a crowd and hefty prices, especially during peak season.

Upper Positano – Most Quiet and Scenic

If a peaceful retreat is what you’re after, the upper parts of Positano offer a little more tranquility away from the buzz. The views here are also unmatched – think sweeping vistas of the coastline and quieter streets while the prices are a little more reasonable. It’s a bit of a hike to get down to the beach, but the serene setting is well worth it.

Central PositanoFor Accessibility and Nightlife

The central part of Positano is where you’ll find lively bars, exquisite restaurants, and artisan shops. It’s perfect for those who want to be in the middle of it all, with easier access to both the beach and the upper parts of the town.

Best Hotels in Positano

Even though everything is pretty expensive here, Positano still offers a range of accommodations from luxurious cliffside hotels to charming, family-run guesthouses. Here are some of the hotels I recommend for your trip. Remember to book them in advance as these will likely be completely sold out come summertime! 

Le Sirenuse: An iconic 5-star hotel offering luxurious amenities and stunning views. It’s a splurge, but the experience is unmatched.

Hotel Marincanto: Located right in the heart of town, this is one of the most famous hotels in Positano. I loved my stay here and had incredible views over the sea from my room and a beautiful terrace. The infinity pool here is a highlight, seeming to merge seamlessly with the sea.

Il San Pietro di Positano: For a truly luxurious experience, this hotel is a must. Located just outside the main town, it offers exclusivity and world-class amenities.

Villa Rosa: For a more intimate experience, Villa Rosa is a great choice. This boutique hotel is known for its beautiful rooms with private terraces overlooking the sea. The location is ideal – close enough to the beach and the center, yet far enough to offer a peaceful retreat.

Positano Art Hotel Pasitea: A great option for art lovers, this hotel is filled with works by local artists. The rooms are spacious and most offer sea views. It’s a bit further from the beach, but the views and tranquil environment make it worth it.

Hotel Punta Regina: This family-run hotel is a gem in Positano. The friendly staff, beautiful rooms, and stunning views make it a favorite among travelers. It’s located in Upper Positano, offering a quiet escape from the busy center.

Hotel Poseidon: This adult-only hotel is perfect for those who want a blend of comfort, style, and a central location. With a lovely terrace, the best buffet, an incredible swimming pool, and close proximity to the center, it’s a great base for exploring Positano and the Amalfi Coast.

Villa Treville: A private, secluded option with its own beach access – ideal for a romantic getaway.

Palazzo Murat: Set in a historic building, this hotel is full of charm and elegance. The gardens here are a highlight, offering a tranquil oasis in the heart of Positano. It’s a perfect blend of history, luxury, and comfort.

where to stay in Positano

Tips for Making the Most of Your Stay in Positano

I have a whole guide to visiting Positano that is full of great tips to make the most of your stay, but here are a few to get you started. 

  1. Book Early: Positano is a popular destination, especially during the summer months and accommodation options sell out a year in advance. Make sure to book as soon as you can to get the best rooms and prices. 
  2. Explore the Coast: Take advantage of Positano’s location to explore other parts of the Amalfi Coast. There’s plenty to do and lots of great tours! 
  3. Enjoy Local Cuisine: Positano offers some unmissable dining options, even if you’re visiting with kids. Don’t miss trying the local seafood and the famous Limoncello.
  4. Plan Your Itinerary: To make the most of your trip, plan your itinerary ahead of time. Getting to Positano isn’t as straightforward as you might expect so it’s important to include this travel time in your budget and vacation time. 

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