Secret Cenotes in Mexico

Mexico isn’t lacking options for cenotes to visit. Even walking around Playa del Carmen some restaurants will invite you in to see their cenotes – in the middle of the town!

Whether you’re traveling to Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, you can pick and chose the best cenotes to visit based on your preferences. Some cenotes are fantastic for diving, others are incredible for just swimming or simply even looking at them without even getting into the water.

Due to the influx of tourists in the Yucatan Peninsula, many lesser-known cenotes are now packed almost all the time. If you want to experience Mexican cenote with just a few others, or even alone, you can try to visit these secret cenotes in Mexico instead of the popular ones that I featured in my other post.

I honestly think all cenotes are beautiful and worth visiting – popular or not, but each will provide you with a slightly different experience.

Fantastic Secret Cenotes in Mexico

1. Cenote Zaci

Cenote Zaci was one of the first cenotes I’ve seen, but also one of the best as it was almost completely empty. Located very close to the main plaza of Valladolid it’s easy to get to and it’s cheap.

If you’re able, be sure to walk the entire way around the entire sinkhole because every angle gives you a different view.

  • Open: daily 8:30am-5:30pm
  • Price: 70 MXN
  • How to get there? If you’re already in Valladolid you can easily walk over to the cenote in 15 minutes.
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2. Cenote Corazon Del Paraiso

This cenote is surely one of a kind as it’s the only heart-shaped cenote in Mexico and it’s located very close to Tulum. Most people don’t know about it (neither does Instagram, yet!), so quite often you can be the only ones there. 

There are lots of fish swimming in the crystal clear water and plants’ long stems with flat leaves glistening from the sun. Around the edges of the cenote are platforms for sitting or jumping in, what makes it a perfect spot for sunbathing or picnic.

  • Open: daily 9 am-5:00 pm
  • Price: 100
  • How to get there? You can easily bike or taxi from Tulum.

3. Cenote Xoch

A little town of Cenotillo has over 100 Mexican cenotes. We searched for someone to show us one of them, literally going from door to door. There’s no other way.

Many locals were afraid of going to cenotes; telling us stories that some people who went never came back and their bodies were never found.

Spooky. When we finally managed to find a guide, he took us to this hidden gem where I immediately took over the raft.

  • Price: depending on who’s taking you to the cenote
  • How to get there? Drive to Cenotillo town and ask locals who can take you to some cenotes.
  • Difficulty level: Extreme!
secret cenotes in mexico

4. Cenote La Noria

La Noria is a cenote on the road of cenotes close to Puerto Morelos. It’s a great cenote for diving as it’s very deep, but also you can swing inside a cave what I haven’t seen in any other cenote.

There’s also a floating platform at the center of the cenote, so you can swim to reach it and float.

  • Price: 140 MXN
  • How to get there? This cenote is located on the road of cenotes near Puerto Morelos. You might need to rent a car to get there as there are no colectivos, but if you can’t drive get a cab from Playa del Carmen.
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5. Cenote Cristal

Cenote Cristal is a small cenote that might not have the most crystal waters you’d see but it’s a bit off the beaten path place to hang out. Also, the cutest little cat came to me, then stayed with and cuddled the whole time purring.

  • Open: daily 9am-5:30pm
  • Price: 120, but you get free access to Escondido as well.
  • How to get there? You can easily bike 3km from Tulum as that’s what I did, but if you want to get there faster get a cab as it shouldn’t be very expensive.

6. Cenote Choo-Ha

Deep inside the ground, 5 minutes drive from Coba ruins, you’ll find an incredible cenote called Choo-Ha. Stalagmites are everywhere what makes it a photographer’s dream.

Surprisingly, the water isn’t very cold and you can find some cool black fish swimming around.

  • Open: daily 9am-4pm
  • Price: 55
  • How to get there? If you came to Coba with a driver ask him to get you to cenotes – it’s just 5 minutes away. If you’re driving everyone can give you directions.

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7. Cenote Mil Columnas

Mil Columnas cenote is a very hidden cenote. There’s not a single sign leading to it, even though it’s located right at the Dos Ojos complex.

This cenote is more like a temple with barely any visitors. You can swim if you wish, but it’s also a perfect spot for photoshoots when all the candles and lights are lit up.

  • Price: donation-based
  • How to get there? It’s inside Dos Ojos cenote park. Turn right at the restaurant and follow the bumpy road.

8. Cenote Caracol

Interesting “hole-in-the-wall” cenote, literally. Located in the middle of nowhere on a tiny road in the jungle.

It’s a great spot for divers, so I noticed some guided diving tours there.

  • Price: 250 MXN
  • How to get there? It’s really in the middle of nowhere. I actually found it by accident when looking for a wrongly marked other cenote.

9. Cenote Multum-Ha

Multum Ha is another cenote near Coba and the best for snorkeling as it has the clearest water, but I didn’t see any fish so I’m not sure if I would recommend it.

  • Price: 55 MXN
  • How to get there? If you came to Coba with a driver ask him to get you to cenotes – it’s just 5 minutes away. If you’re driving everyone can give you directions.

10. Cenote Escondido

Cenote Escondido is far from being the most beautiful cenote near Tulum, but it’s really hidden and you can enter for free if you visit Cenote Cristal.

It has a cool rope to jump from and apparently an underwater cave I failed to discover when I visited.

cenote escondido

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  1. Wow, this list is beautiful. We just got back from 6 weeks in Quintana Roo and it was life-changing. It’s hard to pick a favorite. There are a few new must-see’s on our list after reading this post, Thanks!

  2. Yes, The cenotes are an amazing encounter. The further ones are less crowded & the SCUBA diving is Amazing.


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