Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Best Neighborhoods – By a Local

While it’s easy to find a hostel, apartment, fancy hotel, or local guesthouse in Amsterdam isn’t hard, picking the best area to stay in Amsterdam can make or break your trip. Amsterdam is a very diverse city, despite its size. Each neighborhood in Amsterdam is different.

I’ve lived in Amsterdam, so this guide isn’t something that I created after a single short visit. Here are my recommendations for the best places to stay in Amsterdam to ensure you’ll have a great time on your trip.

Best Areas to Stay in Amsterdam

Map of Amsterdam Neighborhoods

Amsterdam is relatively small with only 850,000 inhabitants sharing 219.3 square kilometers / 84 square miles. This is why I highly recommend visiting other parts of the Netherlands as well, as this country is full of charming towns and villages.

Amsterdam can be divided into The Ring area and areas outside of the ring, basically on the outer side of A10 Highway. Areas within are also divided into smaller areas. Most hotel booking websites classify Amsterdam City Centre as the area within The Ring.

Amsterdam is broken up into 8 districts or boroughs (stadsdelen), which are divided into neighborhoods. These neighborhoods might seem confusing to a first-time visitor to Amsterdam, but they’re very helpful when it comes to getting around.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Best Hotels to Stay in Amsterdam:

Best Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam
Hotel De L’Europe • Okura HotelNH Grand Krasnopolsky

Best Boutique Hotels in Amsterdam
The Dylan • Canal House

Best Unique Hotels in Amsterdam
Hotel Not HotelMax Brown Canal DistrictHotelBoat

Best Cheap Accommodation in Amsterdam
Stay Okay Vondelpark  The Flying Pig Hostel  • ClickNOORD

★ First Time in Amsterdam? Stay anywhere in the Old Centrum
★ Layover in Amsterdam? Anywhere near Zuid, Centraal or Sloterdijk Stations, so you easily leave your bags.
★ Best Neighbourhood in Amsterdam for Mature Travelers: Oud-Zuid.
★ Best Neighbourhood in Amsterdam for Families: NOT near De Wallen! Oost, de Baarsjes, Plantage.
★ Best Neighborhood in Amsterdam for Nightlife: Near Leidseplein & Rembrandtplein
★ Amsterdam on a Budget? Consider staying in Haarlem.
★ Most Romantic Neighborhood in Amsterdam: Canal Belt & Oud-Zuid
★ Local Neighborhood in Amsterdam: De Pijp
★ Best Place to Stay for Visiting Keukenhof: Keukenhof isn’t located in Amsterdam, it’s actually quite far from Amsterdam. If seeing the tulips is your priority then you might want to stay in Leiden or Haarlem. Find out more on the best ways to see tulip fields!

public transport in Amsterdam

Public Transportation in Amsterdam

Transportation in Amsterdam (GVB) works well regardless of the neighbor of Amsterdam you’re staying at, but not always excellent. Some trams are known for always arriving late, and night buses are very infrequent. However, it’s understandable since over 60% of Amsterdammers ride their bikes everywhere.

If you’re arriving from Amsterdam Schiphol airport – simply take a train to a station the closest to the area you’ll be staying it. It only takes 10-15 minutes and trains run every 10-15 minutes during the day. It could be Amsterdam Centraal, Sloterdijk, Zuid. Taxis from the airport are very expensive, so I’d say: save your money.

Buying a Ticket for Trains, Trams, Buses in Amsterdam

To get on a train you could buy a single ticket (you have to either have coins or Dutch bank cards to get it at the machine, otherwise only at the counter), but this won’t allow you to board any trams or buses. You can buy tickets onboard selected in Amsterdam that will cost €2.90 since the only tickets you can get are unlimited rides for 1 hour.

It’s much better to pre-purchase either a 24-hour pass for €7.50 or get an OV Chipkaart. You can purchase them online, or at the counter at selected stations upon arrival.

OV Chipkaart can be used on trains, buses, and trams. One thing to remember is to always have a minimum of 20 Euros on it to ride a train and 5 Euros for trams & buses. Otherwise, it won’t let you in. Don’t worry about it, you can cash out the unused money on your card at the counter at Schiphol when you leave.

Alternatively, if you’re planning on visiting many museums, consider getting an iAmsterdam Card. It gives you access to many museums for free and a ticket for transportation.

There’s also Amsterdam Holland Pass that includes free public transportation within Amsterdam, access to top attractions in Amsterdam and other major cities.

IMPORTANT: Always touch to check in and check out. This rule applies to both OV Chipkaarts and paper tickets. If you forget to check out your paper ticket will automatically become invalid, and if using a Chipkaart it’ll take 20 Euros for an unchecked train ride and 5 for a tram.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

To directly skip to selected neighborhoods, click on links below.

1. Old Centrum

  • Jordaan
  • Dam
  • De Wallen
  • Nieuwmarkt & IJ Waterfront
  • Leidseplein
  • Rembrandtplein
  • Canal Belt / Grachtengordel
  • Old Jewish Quarter & Plantage

2. Noord

3. West

  • Bos en Lomer
  • Oud West
  • Westerpark
  • De Baarsjes

4. Zuid

  • Museum Quarter
  • Oud-Zuid
  • De Pijp
  • Zuidas

5. Oost

6. Other Areas

  • Zuidoost
  • Amstelveen
  • Diemen
  • Bijlmar

7. Areas to Avoid in Amsterdam

8. When to Go to Amsterdam

Old Centrum

Old Centrum, as the name indicated, is the oldest area of Amsterdam. This is where most tourists stay and never make it outside of the area. There are many spots to eat, shop and hop on a boat for a canal cruise. The are is divided into smaller neighborhoods, each with their own characteristics and history.

<id=”02″ style=”text-align: center;”>Jordaan

The Jordaan feels like its own village in the city. Once a neighborhood for the working class and emigrants, now it’s renovated and trendy for young professionals and tourists. The area has many restaurants, small shops, and stunning bridges.


The Dam was built around the 1270s in order to prevent floodings, but now it’s the central square between Rokin and Damrak. There you can find the National Monument, Royal Palace, Nieuwe Kerk, National Monument, and Madam Tussaud’s. During the spring there is a fair with a giant carousel there and in the winter a Christmas market.

De Wallen

De Wallen is known as the Red Light District. Walking around you’ll see prostitutes in red windows, sex shops, and many coffeeshops. Personally, not a place I’d recommend staying, but if it’s your first time in Amsterdam you can pass through.


Nieuwmarkt is a square just a short walk from Amsterdam Central Station, located in Chinatown and next to the Red Light District.

IJ Waterfront

If you’re staying in Amsterdam for a layover, you want to be as close to the Central Station as it gets. There are many beautiful hotels to stay in the area, often with rooftops offering impressive views.


If you’re looking for an epicenter of a nightlight, look no further than Leidseplein. There are many bars and cafes in the area, plus the most well-known nightclub in Amsterdam – Melkweg. Stay there only if you enjoy loud nights out.

Rembrandtplein is another great area with bars and restaurants. The area feels more local than Leidseplein and it’s always full of locals and expats. I have good memories from Rembrandtplein because I used to have office parties there. I highly recommend going to Tuschinski Theatre, a working cinema that was built in 1921. It’s gorgeous!


The canalbelt is the picturesque area you’ve seen in iconic photos, as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Many houses are built on these semi-circular canals (“grachten”), dug around the old city center.

Old Jewish Quarter & Plantage
Plantage used to be the greenest area of Amsterdam. Waterlooplein Market in the area is one of the most local markets in Amsterdam. That’s the place where you’d buy a used bike, get some fresh vegetables and eat a kibbeling.


Spui is a good starting point from which to discover the rest of the city. Close to many shops, restaurants, and the Flower Market. You can easily walk to bars and clubs from here.

Recommended Lunch Spots in Old Centrum:

  • Bijbels Museum Cafe (Spui)
  • Greenwoods (Canalbelt)
  • Cocotte Creperie (De Wallen)
  • Back to Black (Canalbelt)

Recommended Restaurants in Old Centrum:

  • Moeders (Jordan) – Great stampot.
  • Café-Restaurant de Plantage (Plantage) – Located inside a 19th-century glass conservatory.

Family Friendliness: Close to most things, so recommendable, but remember that some area like De Wallen or Nieuwmarkt might not be appropriate. Might be noisier than elsewhere at nights, especially close to Nieuwmarkt.

Personal experience: I enjoy hanging out in the area, but there’s a reason why I never lived there. If you want to be conveniently located close to major attractions stay there, but you’ll see more tourists than locals enjoying themselves.

Recommended Accommodation in Amsterdam Centrum:
Hotel De L’Europe
Beautifully located on the canal where you can enjoy your breakfast. The decor is also very stylish.Check Prices On:
NH Carlton
Overlooking the canal and the flower market, this hotel is exactly in the center of Amsterdam.Check Prices On:
Condo Hotel One
The location is just right and with the sun coming up in the morning it just makes you happy.Check Prices On:
The Flying Pig
The most famous hostel in Amsterdam, known for parties and convenient location for backpackers. If you’re not into partying you might want to stay elsewhere though.Check Prices On:


Noord has undergone considerable regeneration and now it’s no longer associated with an unwanted place to be. In September 2016 Noord welcomed the newest attraction – A’DAM Toren with the tallest over the edge swing in Europe, observation deck and great restaurants inside. Many industrial buildings have been converted into rustic restaurants and ateliers.

Family Friendliness: Definitely. It’s a safe local area, just a short and convenient free boat ride from Central Station.

Personal experience: Last time I visited the area I enjoyed it a lot. Even if you end up not staying there, pay a visit to A’DAM Toren for the view.

Recommended Lunch Spots in Amsterdam Noord:

  • Pannenkoekenboot
Recommended Accommodation in Amsterdam Noord:
Faralda Crane
The best views of Amsterdam are from this design hotel located on a crane.Check Prices On:
This unique hotel has simply-furnished rooms aboard a boat in the center of Amsterdam.Check Prices On:
Hotel Cafe Modern
Quirky hotel for those who love the hip decor.Check Prices & Reviews On:
Great hostel with a common room featuring a library, ping pong tables and bike rental. Common kitchen is available for guests to use.Check Prices & Reviews On:


If you’re looking for photogenic townhouses and typical Dutch architecture, West is the answer. It’s a quite posh area, making it particularly attractive to residents and visitors alike. Some of the best places to eat in Amsterdam are located in the West.
Amsterdam Jordaan

Bos en LomerBos en Lomer an affordable and diverse neighborhood. It’s a place for a young and multicultural crowd, but also families. There are many ethnic shops in the area with cheap delicious food.
Oud  West
A posh area with small local markets and outdoor cafes.


Named after a large park in its center, Westerpark is located on the western corner of Amsterdam’s canal belt and trails into the city’s docklands.

De Baarsjes

Hip area with many terrace bar, much calmer than in the Old Centrum. Popular shopping streets where trendy concept stores, can be found standing opposite of Turkish shops, greengrocers and bakeries.

Recommended Restaurants in Amsterdam West:

  • De Foodhallen – Indoor food market you can choose from many different treats! From waffles to meatballs and burgers to oysters.
  •  De Pizzabakkers – Great pizza for good prices
  • Abyssinia – Fantastic Eritrean food.

Family Friendliness: Kids might be less interested in restaurants and nice architecture, so there might not be the best choice.

Personal experience: I used to live in Bos en Lomer, so I know the area pretty well and enjoyed it. It’s affordable with plenty of spots to eat to discover every week. Hotels tend to be cheaper in this area, so if you’re on a budget this could be a great choice.

Recommended Accommodation in Amsterdam West:
Meininger Sloterdijk
I stayed there once during my layover for a night, since it was conveniently located just in front of the exit of Sloterdijk Train Station. Everything was perfect.Check Prices On:
The Student Hotel Bos en Lomer
I actually used to live in this place when I first moved to Amsterdam, since only half of it is for hotel guests and another half for long-term residents. In front of a metro station, shared kitchen available in each segment, clean and modern place I enjoyed living at.Check Prices On:
Bigger capsule hotel with loads of room. The toilets are really clean and even being shared they are really private.Check Prices On:
StayOkay VondelPark
StayOkay is the most popular chain of hostels in the Netherlands. I stayed in a few of them on various occasions and they were always great.Check Prices On:


Amsterdam’s nicest residential areas with fashionable shopping streets, business centers and plenty of museums.

Amsterdam Oud Zuid

Museum Quarter

Museum Quarter is technically in Amsterdam Zuid, but just a bridge walk from the Old Centrum.


You can read my guide to Oud-Zuid here.

De Pijp

My personal favorite area, but I might be biased since I used to work there. De Pijp has a very local vibe with a picturesque urban layout, many cafes, park and local Albert Cuyp market.


Business district. Unless you work there, there’s not much to do and many cafes and restaurants close after business hours.

Recommended Lunch Spots in Amsterdam Zuid:

  • ’t Blauwe Theehuis (Vondelpark)
  • Yoghurt Barn (De Pijp)
  • Albert Cuyp Market (De Pijp) – Great street food from the market.

Recommended Restaurants for Dinner in Amsterdam Zuid:

  • Bazar (De Pijp) – Arabic restaurant is housed inside of an enormous renovated church.
  • Cannibale Royale – Great spot for burgers and other meats.

Family Friendliness: While there are many young people in the area since there is a nice park around, markets and cafes, I don’t see the are would be bad for families.

Personal experience: I used to work in De Pijp and recently covered Oud-Zuid for Amsterdam Tourism Board, so I spent a lot of time in the area. I really love it as it’s very local with some expats. The atmosphere of this area was unbeatable.

Recommended Accommodation in Amsterdam Zuid:
Okura Hotel
Don’t forget to try the sushi at their rooftop restaurant.Check Prices On:
The Muse
Quiet boutique hotel in Oud-Zuid, just half a mile from Rijksmuseum.Check Prices & Reviews On:
Paul’s BnB
If you’re coming with a family and want a whole apartment for yourself. Great location, easy to work with host.Check Prices On:
Bicycle Hotel
If you’re looking for a cheap hotel with original deco and next to a bicycle rental shop and tram stop, that’s the place.Check Prices On:


Oost is probably the least explored part of Amsterdam, despite being closely located to the Old Centrum. It has many museums and is home to many ethic neighborhoods.
de Pijp Amsterdam

Recommended Lunch Spots in Amsterdam Oost:

  • KHL – Old spot with beautiful decor and a friendly atmosphere.
  • Bar Bukowski
  • Girassol – Fantastic terrace.

Personal experience: Quite frankly I think I went to Amsterdam Oost twice in my life for a pole dancing class and once to take a bus from Amstel Station, so I can’t say much about the area.

Recommended Accommodation in Amsterdam Oost:
Mercure Amstel
Super close to main metro & train station Amstel. Only 9 min to the city center and 6 min to the airport by the local metro stop.Check Prices On:
The Student Hotel City
Partner hotel of the one I used to live in. Conveniently located between Oost and Zuid, each segment has a shared kitchen.Check Prices On:
Cityden Museum Square Hotel Apartments
The apartment was lovely, with various Vermeer accents, and has everything you need.Close to grocery store and museums.Check Prices On:
StayOkay Oost
Good and easy to find location of this hostel. I’ll always recommend StayOkay chain in the Netherlands.Check Prices On:

Other Areas

If you’re visiting Amsterdam for a few days, I’d suggest avoiding places that might seem nearby, but in reality, they are neither pretty nor convenient. That said, do NOT stay in Diemen, Amstelveen, Bijlmar, or Zuid-Oost. Unless you want to bike the city center for at least 25 minutes.

You would be better off staying in Haarlem if you want to save some money, as it’s only 10 minutes by train to Amsterdam Central Station.

Areas to Avoid in Amsterdam

I’d personally advise against staying in the Red Light District, known as De Wallen, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Google Maps is actually slightly misleading in terms of the area, as it highlights the whole district – this is NOT true.

In reality, the area full of red windows and coffeeshops is much smaller: inside this district hugging Oudezijds Voorburgwal along the canal and in and around the De Oude Kerk church.

The majority of locals aren’t fond of prostitution and weed (which isn’t actually legal), so you’ll meet mostly young tourists. If you don’t want to stumble upon it, trust me, once you’re in Singel canal area you’ll feel that you’re getting closer to the Red Light District.

When To Go to Amsterdam

The Netherlands tends to be rainy, but trust me – Amsterdam looks charming even when it’s raining. If you don’t like crowds and don’t want to pay triple for accommodation, avoid national holidays.

March-April -> Best time to see the blooms of the tulip.

27 April -> King’s Day. The entire country parties dressed in orange. It’s surely a nice thing to see, but it might not be a typical vacation for you.

June-August -> Warm months, perfect for picnics in parks.

November-February -> Winter months with ice rinks, Christmas markets, outdoor concerts, and beautiful displays.

Arrange Your Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to arrange health insurance before heading to Amsterdam. The easiest and the most reliable travel insurance is Safety Wing. Get it before your trip to avoid unnecessary troubles that might ruin your holidays!

Do you have any questions about Amsterdam neighborhoods? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Your breakdown is on point. Spending three days later in the month in Amsterdam and I had no clue where to book. Thanks for clearly laying the area out, really helpful. I will be visiting with my kids and mum so I guess Old Centrum it is.

  2. Hi I plan on coming with my dad for a father-daughter trip in 2020 where do you suggest we stay we want to be in the middle of everything easy access and bike riding the canals look nice do you have any suggestions

    • If you want to stay in Centrum just avoid Nieuwmarkt & Leidseplein. Those areas are fun if you’re in your early twenties but I’m not sure if your dad would like that 😉

  3. Hi there, thank you for all of this information. We are coming in to town April 15-18, can you suggest the best place to stay? We love local bars and are foodies. We don’t want to stay in a big hotel, we love something a bit different. Any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. Great information….we were wondering if transportation would allow for staying a bit outside the city
    and coming in for sightseeing? Also, we plan to travel to other locals in the country and wondered about car rentals.

    • It does, but it depends where. Trains work great from other cities since many Dutchies commute (I myself commuted from Leiden to central Amsterdam for work for over a year). You could rent a car, but I think you can be fine without it as well. I’ve never rented a car or felt a need to do so in over 3 years.

  5. Hi Anna, thanks first of all for this wonderful site. It sounds like the chipkaart is a good choice to pay for public transportation around Amsterdam. However, I was wondering if renting a bicycle and moving around the city in bicycle would be a smart choice in order to save money. Your thoughts are very much appreciated. Thanks!

  6. Hi i am a wheelchair guy and going solo .. is rembrant gd place for me to stay for 17 long days in dec and is there any grab service there ?

  7. Hello Anna,
    This information has been so helpful. I had no idea where to stay and this has been so informative. I am traveling to Amsterdam for three days next week and I am travelling with my 25 and 26 year old son and daughter, my 70’s age parents and my self. What area would you suggest that we stay in?

    We would like to get a good idea of how the Dutch live, the 20 year olds would like to do some fun stuff and party and my parents are excited to visit the country .

    Any suggestion would be helpful.

    Best Regards,

    • I think Oud Zuid could be a good compromise. It’s relatively quiet, fewer tourists and more residential, so your parents won’t be surrounded by parties, but close enough for your younger adults to go out whenever they want. You should also consider a day trips to smaller towns, windmills in Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans.

      • But I would also advise checking the access to the accommodation if parents have any mobility problems, as Dutch stairs are usually very steep, and some can be near vertical! Even entrance from the street to accommodation in residential areas is often via a flight of steps as many buildings have basements too. I used to live there in the 70s, but my own mobility is now a problem, and am also limited in my own budget. I haven’t been back for far too many years, but am hopeful of doing so this year for my nephew’s postponed wedding, etc.

        • That’s true, but I must say the same about every country in Europe. My own grandparents have always lived on the 3rd floor with no elevators, so I guess for us – Europeans it’s just something normal.

  8. Hi there,
    was wondering what area would be best for restaurants and smoking weed, I’m going for a few days with my girlfriend

    • Frankly, it sounds like all areas would be good 😉 but probably de Pijp. The area has many restaurants and coffee shops that are slightly cheaper and less touristy than those in Old Centrum.

  9. Hi

    How you are well. Thank you very much for such helpful information. I am a solo traveller, travelling today. I want to enjoy every thing in Amsterdam so I think I will stay somewhere nearby central station to get easy access to every part of Amsterdam. Do you think it’s a good choice??

    Thank you
    Bilal Adil

    • Remember that Amsterdam is small, comparing to other capitals so anywhere in the center isn’t too far 🙂 You can stay near Central Station, just not in De Wallen probably 🙂

  10. Hi Anna, thank you so much for the travel info! My husband and I in our 40s, we are visiting Amsterdam for 2 nights in April on our way to Belgium and staying again the night before our evening flight home at the end of our trip. The following are the places I find most interesting Vleminckx, Van Gogh Museum, In ʼt Aepjen, Rijksmuseum, Micropia, Blauw Jan, Dappermarkt, Red Light District, Kattenkabinet, Poezenboot, Brouwerij ‘t IJ, Monks Coffee Roasters, Door 74, Begijnhof, Jordaan neighborhood, Nine streets, maybe the hop on off bus or a canel tour the first day to get some bearings on the city layout. We tend to marathon trips to see all we can. Could you give us a few options of areas you would recommend staying based on our interests?
    Thank you, Ruth

    • I think Zuid for the first 2 nights would be best for you. It’s quieter than centrum, but still easily walkable distance to all these attractions. For the night before your flight maybe Doubletree by Hilton right next to central station would be best.
      P.S. I’d say don’t do hop on hop off. It’s really pointless in Amsterdam and doesn’t go to many places. I think you’ll enjoy a canal cruise more 🙂

  11. Hi Anna…. we are 4 women on a layover for 24hours arriving around 9am on the 8th of March. As we have just one day …what is the bes5 area to stay Ann what is the maximum we can see and do in one Full day.. thanks much for your response in advance!

    • Hi Anna,
      Waiting to hear from you about the best location to stay in as we are there for only one full day on a layover in March… we are bunch of women in our late 40s& 50s…& this is our first time in Amsterdam. Also if you can tell us what are must see sights / things to do in one full day.
      Much Thanks

      • I have a post on the best things to do coming up next week 🙂

        For a layover you can stay near Sloterdijk, Zuid, or Centraal Stations so you don’t maneuver much with your luggage and go explore.

  12. HI Anna, thank you for the Amsterdam information and I hope you continue to enjoy your travel.
    My husband and I are looking to go to Amsterdam with another couple this April. Please could you recommend an area to stay. It will be our first visit here and we would like to visit the centre and canal boats, Ann Frank, tulip bulbs on bikes. We would like some night life and good food however not night clubs as our ages are late 40’s and early 50’s.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Best Neighborhood to Stay in Amsterdam for First Time Visitors: Jordaan 🙂

      You’ll have to take a train to Lisse and then bike to see the tulips.

  13. Hi Anna,

    me and my wife along with our 5 year old son, will be travelling to amsterdam by march 2019 for 4 days, it is our first time to travel in amsterdam, and i find it very difficult to decide where to stay.

    can you please advise us which area we can stay, we do prepare near to central station, preferably walkable distance only to the central so it will not be diffucult for us to carry the luggage & easy access to train going to belgium.

    Thanks in Advance,

    • I’d not pay much attention to the distance to Central Station as there are many trams and buses as well. In fact, I’d probably say stay slightly away from Central Station with a kid.
      Somewhere on the Canal Belt or Zuid are calmer.

  14. Hi Anna,

    Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge about Amsterdam! My wife and I will be there in April 2019, cant wait. Do you have any recommendation on Airbnb, or do you recommend we stay in a hotel? What neighborhood is the safest to stay if we plan to go Airbnb?

    Thank you again,

    • AirBnBs can be lovely, but I don’t tend to put any specific recommendations in my articles usually since listings can disappear. All neighbourhoods are equally safe 🙂

  15. Hi Anna, we are coming to Amsterdam for 6 days at the end of February and trying to decide where to stay, budget between £100 and £150 per night. We are both in our 60’s and love walking everywhere. So somewhere within walking distance of the centre, but not in a busy, noisy area. We enjoy staying in quiet areas/hotels, and spend most of our day taking photographs throughout the city. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. CY

  16. Hi Anna!
    This article has been most helpful, thank you! My daughter and I (she’s 21) will be visiting Amsterdam for the first time for 2-4 nights after disembarking from a Viking River cruise there on July 2, 2019. I have a few questions and any help you can give would be very appreciated! How many days should we allow to comfortably explore Amsterdam? We are on a budget, but want to make the most of this once in a lifetime trip! What should we not miss seeing and doing? Are there any events/festivals, etc. at that time that we shouldn’t miss? Are there other nearby towns, countrysides, cities that we should definitely visit? Do you recommend anything beyond the typical tourist attractions—off the beaten path maybe? We aren’t into partying and I’m a photographer, if that info helps with your recommendations for us. We are hoping to find a safe, comfortable, not too expensive place to stay and are open to hotels, b&b’s or whatever else you may recommend.

    Thanks so much!

    • I’m publishing a post on the best things to do in Amsterdam coming up over the next few weeks, so still before your trip 🙂
      I highly recommend visiting smaller towns, from photogenic ones I’d suggest Delft, Haarlem, Leiden or Utrecht, as well as Kinderdijk.

  17. Hi Anna,

    Great site, very informative insights. My wife and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam in June 2019 with 2 kids (9 and 3). Appreciate your guidance please on where to stay and what we can visit in 4 days.

    Also, we are planning for day trips as well. Where can be go with the kids so they also can enjoy.

    Best Regards,Raghu

  18. Hi Anna – Wow ~ have really enjoyed reading all your information. Quick questions for you – there are 4 of us (2 couples) mid 60’s – early 70’s coming for 4 days in July. We are hoping to do some walking tours (if there are any that you could recommend), a canal hop on hop off. Also what area would you suggest for us to stay in? We probably won’t be exploring much in the evenings, other than dinners/drinks out. We are wondering about VRBO or B&B’s – is that the route to go or should we just get hotel rooms? Thanks so much!

    • It really depends what do you want. Some people prefer hotels, but others prefer apartments. There are some lovely spots to rent in Amsterdam, so check what’s still available. I don’t know of any particular walking tours, I frankly have never seen any group ones apart from student pub crawls, but I might be wrong.

  19. Hi,

    Do you recommend staying in the Amstelvlietstraat 4 Amsterdam 1096 GG area? How close is it to the main attractions?
    Visiting Amsterdam for 3 days in July 2019

    Thanks 🙂

  20. Hi Anna
    We are looking to visit in February with my with my wife son and his girlfriend we was thinking of staying in Zaandam suburb is the a good area to stay and travel to the centre thank you

  21. Hi Anna great informations,thanks for that.I am moving to Amsterdam for a 3 month period on February.I have no idea where to stay and what kind of accommodation I should choose.It’s not a year it’s not a holiday week ,I don’t really want to stay in a tourist neighbour,but also I don’t want to be far from city life. What are you suggesting me ,which area I would prefer a studio or a not shared place. Thanks

    • It’s very hard to rent an apartment in Amsterdam, but in your case AirBnB will probably be best. I’d suggest see what’s available first before debating on a neighborhood.

  22. Hello Anna,
    My husband and I are travelling to Amsterdam for three days and we were going to stay near the Hague. After reading your blog I am wondering if I should try another location? We do not have much planned except we may take a day trip to Belgium, and otherwise want to take the public transportation around. Would you suggest a different location to stay to be better situated to get around? I know this may be a duplicate question, so forgive me in advance :).

    Thank you!

    • The Hague is only less than half an hour away. I commuted to work in Amsterdam from Leiden, 10 minutes by train from the Hague) every day, so it’s not bad. It will obviously take some time but will give you a chance to explore other towns – most tourists just see Amsterdam and nothing else.

  23. Hi Anna

    I’m going with my friend both in our 30s but do like the social life too and will be doing a few tourist stuff gonna book all online

    I’ve booked Westcord Art Hotel 4 star in Spaarndammerdijk 304, Amsterdam, 1013 ZX
    Would that be close to the center and could I get a tram from the hotel in to the city???

    Would you recommend anywhere closer hotel names ?


    • What do you want to do exactly? Because for instance, the museums are all in Zuid not in Centrum. In this area of the hotel you booked there are only buses no trams, but there’s a bus that goes to central station and you can change there.

      Check my recommendations for hotels in the article, especially those at the top as they’re are all in the center 🙂

  24. Hi Anna
    I am planning a visit to Amsterdam for 3 nights in early October with 8 girlfriends.
    We are all in our 40’s and are most interested in seeing the sights, canal cruise, bike tour and eating in nice restaurants. Can you please recommend best area for us to stay and any bike tour or restaurant recommendations.
    It is our first visit to Amsterdam.
    Thank you so much for your help

    • I included restaurant recommendations in every neighborhood in the article 🙂

      Any of the top hotels I recommended would work for you guys. You can rent bikes anywhere in the city.

  25. Me and my husband planning to visit Amsterdam by 2nd week of April. Our main area of visit which we are planning is Keukenhof, Madurodam village, Van gogh museum, Vondelpark, Canal cruise etc. Is it okay if we take a hotel near the airport for our stay. or can you recommend some other places to stay please

    • I would never recommend staying near the airport since it’s pretty inconvenient to even get to the airport and other places.

      Would you rather experience staying in Amsterdam or smaller town? You could just stay in Amsterdam since you want to see other things there and take a day trip to Keukenhof and Madurodam. Take a train to Lisse, then rent bikes to Keukenhof (best tulip fields are outside of Keukenhof and are free), alternatively take a train to Leiden and then bus to Keukenhof. In the afternoon hop on a train to The Hague to see Madurodam.

  26. Hey,
    Great information, my partner and I will be travelling mid December and catching a cruise ship from there, where would the best place to stay for that be?? We will there 3 nights before the ship leaves.
    Kind regards,

  27. Hi Anna
    Seen your post after booking my hotel room. Planning to come to Amsterdam on 9th April till 13th. Book in Ramada near Schiphol airport. Wanted to visit Keukenhof, madurodam, van Gogh museum, vondepark and canal cruise. How can I travel? How can I prepare an itinery. Reaching by 9th April afternoon. Me and my husband in early 50’s are only there.
    Pls help

  28. Hi Anna,

    Me and husband are planning to visit Amsterdam for 3 to 4 nights in End Mar.
    Places that I’m keen to go is Keukenhof, Lisse, kinderdijk, zaanse. Its our 1st time there, wondering if areas that i want to cover will it be too far apart. Where should I stay? Thanks im advances for your advice.

    • All these places you listed aren’t in Amsterdam. You could stay in Leiden (nice student town) and from then you can take a direct bus to Keukenhof, rent bikes to go to tulip fields, train to Zaandam (from where you walk to Zaanse Schans), Kinderdijk is near Rotterdam so it’s also an easy train ride from there.
      Plus you can rent boats in Leiden, you can go to Rembrandt’s house and just see something that’s not super touristy as Amsterdam is.

  29. Hi Anna,
    Great article. We are planning to come to Amsterdam, first time visitors at the end of May. We like walking and are looking at a place in the Jordaan area. Lauriergrcht 97. Is this a good area to stay? And a safe area? Thanks in advance for your help

  30. Hi Anna, I plan to visit Amsterdam for 5 days vacation in April/May but I decide to stay in a neighborhood to Amsterdam to meet my tight budget. Which districts/area/city should I stay, provided it takes about 30 mins to Amsterdam’s central by public transportation? THanks for your advice

  31. Hi Anna,
    This is a really helpful blog post for us first-timers to Amsterdam. We are looking for a good Air BnB to rent – location and cost in mind. Is the Jordaan area a good place to find good AirBnBs?

    Thank you,

  32. hello! I am thinking about going to Amsterdam for the first time in June for a concert at Paradiso( in Weteringschans) what neighborhood would you suggest i should stay in that would be easy to get back to late at night?

  33. Hi there. I’m a 55 yr old female first timer traveling solo, May 5th-8th. I’d like to visit some coffee shops, restaurants, do some shopping for souvenirs and Keukenhof is my only must see. Do you think 2 1/2 days is sufficient? Not interested in nightlife but don’t want to stay too far out from everything either. Was considering Air bnb. What part do you suggest I stay in?

    • I actually recommend anyone prioritizing regular free tulip fields over Keukenhof – will have an article coming out about it tomorrow, but either way this isn’t in Amsterdam. You need to take a train to the airport or Leiden and take a bus from there or bike.
      There are coffee shops, restaurants, and souvenirs everywhere really so you might want to consider staying in Leiden or Haarlem instead of Amsterdam.

  34. Hi Anna
    This article is by far the best travel recommendation article I have ever read. Thank you for all the recommendations! I was considering staying at the Park Hotel as it doesn’t seem too far from the main attractions and fall within my budget. Is that hotel in an area you recommend? My fiancé and I are foodies and enjoy bars but not necessarily clubs. Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

  35. Hello, Anna. Thank you for the comprehensive guide. I will be moving to Amsterdam with my family, including 2 children who would need international school. This limits my options for places to stay, as I want to live close to the school I enroll them in.
    The best match for my school requirements so far is in Bijlmer Centrum in Zuidoost. Is this a good area for kids? Is it safe? Does it have sports facilities?
    Thanks in advance.

    • I’d say consider different areas. These aren’t the greatest areas to live, in fact many people who work in Bijlmer prefer to commute there. It’s cheap there, but it’s not nice at all. It’s not very safe either.

      Amstelveen is nearby and known for family living though. It’s quiet, safe and suburban.

  36. Hi Anna!! I’m a Seattle resident, and owner of a popular pet sitting company here. Upon doing research into visas, locations, etc.. I have settled on Amsterdam as a relocation destination. I would be doing the same thing there (pet sitting). As far as which locations to live, and best areas for people that have pets, do you have any advice? I was looking in Centrum due to the location but am questioning that after reading your article. Thanks! 🙂

    • Keep in mind that the vast majority of rentals in the Netherlands don’t allow ANY pets at all, especially in the city center. I know some people with dogs, but yeah, they don’t live in Centrum. I’d look into Oud-Zuid and Zuid. I’d also look into other spots like into Amstelveen, even Haarlem.

      • Thanks!! I will absolutely look into that, might be a dealbreaker 🙁 I am about 90 percent cat sitter here in Seattle, does that affect your answer any? Looking online, every article says how pet friendly Amsrerdam is, this is confusing, ha! 😉

        • To understand correctly, are you the one cat sitting or you’re arranging for people to do so?
          What I’m saying is that finding a pet-friendly apartment is tough, so most people who have pets are Dutch house owners. To adopt a cat anyone has to show proof that you live in the Netherlands along with work permits as well passports.

          Dutch people believe that pets can do their own thing, you’ll be surprised that many cats that roam the streets freely, even at night, aren’t stray but house cats on an adventure.

          Here are a few things about pets in the Netherlands:
          – There’s an annual dog tax (hondenbelasting). The price for this is determined by the number of dogs you have. Dogs also must be registered at the local town hall.
          – Dogs are not allowed on beaches in the summer.
          – Since you have to clean up after your dog/cat and Amsterdam is pretty dense, you will be picking up poop from the street. There’s a very high fine if you don’t and people will call you out.
          – Even in parks, unless there’s a ‘dogs free to run’ in a designated area the pet has to be on the leash.
          – There are some pet hotels and people use them though: https://www.dierenhotelpocahondas.nl/ or https://www.doamsterdam.nl/dierenpension/

          • Hi Anna! Right now in Seattle my company is all cat sitting, then M-F lunchtime dog walks for people at work. I do about 70 percent of it myself, and employees do the other 30 percent. I would like to do the same over there but am open to adjusting, I have before. In your honest opinion, do you think it is viable? Thanks! 🙂 I will keep doing research, as there are a couple of other cities I am interested in if Amsterdam doesn’t look like it would be a good fit. Wish I spoke French, Paris would be great 🙂

          • Oops, thought I replied! Here in Seattle I do about 70 percent of the cat sitting, my employees do the other 30 percent. Basically just seeing if it would be a viable business in Amsterdam. I am also considering London as well. Thanks 🙂

  37. Hi Anna. Thanks for all the info. It is great. My wife and I will be in Amsterdam from 9 to 14 March. We have narrowed down a few places to stay and would like to know you thoughts – Amsterdam Tropen Hotel in Oost near Oosterpark or in Oud Zuid the Hotel Mosaic or The Alfred hotel or Hotel Espresso or the Convert hotel. Thanks so much.

  38. Hi Anna,

    I would like to know which insurance to purchase for continuous traveling? I am from Singapore and most of our travel insurance here caped at 180 else 90 days only 🙁

  39. Hi Anna,

    Do you recommend staying at Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We are planning to stay there for 3 nights, how far is it from the city centre?


    • Schiphol Airport isn’t in Amsterdam but in Hoofddorp and it’s really not AT the airport, so nope – I don’t recommend this hotel for touring Amsterdam and definitely not for 3 nights. While it’s not super far, it would be a pain to keep having to take a bus to even get to Amsterdam, since you’ll be nowhere near the airport train station.

  40. Hi Anna,
    I am a lone lady traveler with 5 nights in Amsterdam. Any hotel recommendation which is convenient to travel between airport and central area by train.

    Tks & regards

  41. Hi, Anna! Thank you so very much for your fantastic blog and all the help you provide so generously!
    We are a couple in our sixties, coming first tine to The Netherlands in April.
    We wish to base ourselves in Amsterdam for the seven full days we will be there, and do three day trips including Kuikenhof, The Hague and Delft and if possible a quick trip to see the air museum and bridge in Arnhem.
    We are arriving by train To Centraal and will depart by train, too. So should we stay near Centraal Station as we will be using train for day trips too, OR should we stay in Oud Zuid? Or Jordaan? We like walking, do not bike, like small cafes, not shoppers except for a few souvenirs. In Amsterdam we will be visiting Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s house, museum of Dutch Resistance and Van Gogh museum plus palace. Not sure if we should go to Kinderdijk or Zaanse Schans -we wish to visit authentic windmills.

    • Central Station area might not be your cup of tea to be honest. If you stay in Oud Zuid you can do your day trips from Zuid Station instead of Central Station, so don’t worry about that.

      What do you mean by authentic windmills though? The windmills are as authentic as they can get surrounded by real 18th century houses and first Dutch Albert Heijn, just turned into a museum which allows you to go inside. Kinderdijk ones are UNESCO World Heritage, they’re from 1740s and some of them are still used.

  42. Hi Anna,

    My husband and I are going to Amsterdam for the first time and will stay for 2 nights and 3 days. Where do you recommend the best place but is affordable for us to stay. I saw a hotel name: Amsterdam Hotel Teleport, is this a good area to stay? We both love to explore museums, do the canal cruise and also we are a foodies type of person. thanks!

    • The hotel you mention is next to Sloterdijk station. There’s nothing really there, BUT you can easily hop on a metro, train or tram to other parts of Amsterdam.

      • Thanks for the reply Anna. I saw three hotels that I am still deciding which one to book. the hotels are: Easy Hotel Amsterdam City Centre South OR the Aston City and the other one is the Best Western Amsterdam. In your own opinion, which one should I choose to book that is the closest to everything. Thank you again.

        • Personally, I’d go for the Aston City. Simply because Easy Hotels are kind of annoying (not all of them have windows for instance :P).

  43. Hi Anna,

    My family (2 adults, 2 senior and 3 yo niece) and I will go to Amsterdam on April 19th – 24th 2019.
    It’s our first time visit.

    I read your article about where to stay but just got a bit stuck.
    Jordaan, Old Centrum and Oost.

    We’d like to go to Keukenhof, Van Gogh Museum, ride canal cruise, riding bike too. The Heineken Experience.
    Haarlem too.

    Are there any event or festival during Good Friday and Easter?

    What your suggestion for where to stay that easier for us to go for anywhere?

    ps: we’d love to walk, bike is great too but consider how to ride a bike with a kid 😀

    Thank you!

    • Any of these areas would work for you, but I’d probably check what hotels are left. A city will be overflowing with tourists because in 2019 Easter coincides with peak tulip blossoming. I’d probably expect to wait at least an hour to enter Keukenhof and another hour or longer for the bus 🙁 Did you see my article on visiting Keukenhof? https://annaeverywhere.com/tulips-netherlands/

      Dutch don’t celebrate Easter as they’re really secular and only 23% are Catholic, so there’s nothing really going on. Some churches have been changed into nightclub or offices (I worked in a church that became an office 😀 ). Some street markets might have some special foods, but that’s about it.

      For your niece you can always rent a bakfiets and put her in it, it’s a very Dutch thing to do 🙂

      • Hi Anna,

        I just read your article about visiting Keukenhof.
        I saw several places: XO Hotels Blue Square or CityHub Amsterdam or Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam Arena Tower??

        This bakfiets so cute, would like to try ????

  44. Your blog is a great resource!

    We are considering Renaissance Dam Square. This area seems quite near to De Wallen. How is the vibe of Dam Square, family friendly or should be avoided?


    • You should be just fine. There are many tourists in that area as I’d compare Dam Square to Times Square in a way 😉 Locals only go to Kalverstraat when they need to do some shopping, but you wouldn’t hang out there unless there’s a Xmas market or something happening.

  45. Hi Anna a very good blog and gave me lot of info on Amsterdam, Keukenhoff and places to visit.
    Me and my wife are planning to visit Amsterdam during the first week of May i.e. 6 to 11 may. and plan to book at the Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam – Sloterdijk Station.
    Our main interest is to see tulip gardens Keukenhoff, canal cruise, Madurodam, windmills and visit Radio Nederland Hilvesum. I have been a long distance radio listener in the 80s and have fond memories of the station and the hosts. I also have their confirmation cards and received a T shirt long back. pl do help me in planning my visit

    • Sloterdijk is slightly off center, so you’ll need to get a tram or bus to pretty canals, but it’s easy to reach other spots you mentioned you’re interested in visiting from there.

  46. Hi,
    My boyfriend and I are looking to visit in August. We are 23 and would love to be in an area with fun bars and restaurants, but also near museums and not too far off the beaten path. Do you have a suggestion about an area we should stay in? Thanks!

  47. Thank you for providing so much insight. I’m going on a trip from April 20 – April 28 with 3 friends, all visiting for the first time, and we are struggling to find right place to stay! Your blog post has been tremendous.

  48. Hi Anna,

    Great post! Thanks for the tips.
    We are a couple in our late 30’s, travelling with 2 kids (toddlers) to Amsterdam in mid-May. We are there for 10 days, and also plan to visit a few towns outside of Amsterdam. Would love to get your recommendations and know your personal favorites?

    Also in Amsterdam, we are staying in an apartment in Oud Zuid. Just wanted to check if you knew of any public laundromats in the neighborhood that one could use since we are travelling with our toddlers? Further what is your experience of the weather during mid May?

    Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

    • I have a new post on the best day trip from Amsterdam coming out on Wednesday 🙂 Kids would love Zaanse Schans and Madurodam I think, especially Madurodam.

      Mid-may is usually mildly warm, I mean it’s never super hot in the Netherlands.

      In terms of laundromats in Amsterdam most of them aren’t self-service like in the US, you just drop the clothes off and pick them up later. There are three I know about that offer self-service as well: Ferdinand Bolstraat 9, Ceintuurbaan 137 & Kerkstraat 56.

  49. Hi Anna
    Me and my husband will be arriving from India into Amsterdam on 14th April and we plan to be there untill the 20th.
    We wish to stay in the house boat (experience), on boat tours in the canals ,to see the Tulips in open gardens, to visit Bruges ( the day trip) Ann Frank’s house ..
    I am open to change my accommodation in the middle if required.
    Would you suggest Two nights in the house boat and that may take care of the canal boating? There after move to another location close to the bus to take the day trips to Bruges and Tulips ..
    Please suggest an area for accommodation to cut down on the travel time.
    Please suggest if I can also see any other attractions within this time.

  50. Hi Anna im travelling for the first Time in europe i choose Amsterdam as a “ ex-friend “ of mine offer his accommodation when i was just planning to go to Amsterdam but after getting my visa he suddenly said his out of the country the dumbass just dumped me last minute now i booked my ticket n going on may 6 to 13 i have no idea where to stay in budget accommodation as all the while I thought i have place to stay there and going to your blog find it helpful I appreciate if you can advise me which and where place i can stay in Netherlands i can enjoy in reasonable price im single old woman on 40 ????so definitely not party people so no red district lol i just want to ask any particular “ cheaproom” or bed breakfast you can recommend thank in advance btw im asian coming from dubai so I really have no idea of Europe my first time

    • Hi Grace! Sure, I recommended many budget-friendly spots in the post, you just to pick one you like and see whether it’s still available for May 🙂
      You’ll be more than fine in Europe, don’t worry and have fun!

  51. hello Dear, i’m coming to Amsterdam from the 15th to the 22nd to attend drake concert and dgtl fest so i checked all the accommodation places you mentioned and they are all 100 euro + and that’s out of my budget as i’m staying for a week and i’m looking for a safe place to stay at near everything for 500 max it’s my first time so what do you advise me to do? is there any studios or cheap apartments or anything?

    thank you in advance. have a good one

    • Just to confirm, we’re talking about 500 euros max for the entire stay, right? Studios won’t be possible for this price I’m afraid, especially not during tulip season. You’ll have to stick to a hostel and shared dorm in this case. Generator Hostel is good and it’s still available in a 4-bed mixed dorm for those dates – it will cost you around 500 for a week.

  52. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for your very helpful article. I will be moving to Amsterdam in May for work, I will be working in Utrecht, so would like to live walking distance from Centraal station in Amsterdam for my daily train journey. Based on your article, I am leaning towards Jordaan and surrounding areas. Am I right or will you suggest some other area?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Jordaan could work, but why don’t you live in Utrecht since you’ll work there? It’s way nicer than Amsterdam 😛
      However… are you looking for a long-term rental? It’s really tough to find an apartment in Amsterdam, leave alone in a specific location. Potentially Noord could work for you, but if you’re coming for work purposes remember that simple AirBnB won’t work for you since you’ll need to apply for BSN and be able to register at the flat you’re renting.

  53. Hi Anna

    My wife and I will be in Amsterdam for 4 days and we are considering staying at a hotel or airbnb in the de Pijp area. Is this area convenient to get to all the sight seeing places, I believe Jordaan is great but many of the shops are closed over the weekend. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  54. Hi Anna I am seeing a good deal for Okura Hotel online I am traveling with my husband to Europe and we are only staying one night in Amsterdam, this is the first time in Amsterdam for my husband and second time for me.. first time was 25 years ago!…
    Do you thin Okura hotel will work for us?..

  55. Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any recommendations for a family of 5 to get us closer to the Center but also not kill us on budget? probably with 5 (2 parents, 19, 17 and 13 year old) we need an apartment or suite sized accommodation


  56. Hi Anna,

    We are a couple in our late 30’s with 2 toddler’s and visiting next week. We are staying in an apartment in De Pijp. Please could you recommend some of your favorite cafes / restaurants for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch / Dinner. We usually like to keep it casual with kids during the day, and as couple don’t mind dressing up and heading out for some good cocktails, food and music at night.
    It would be great to hear your suggestions on what’s hip, cool and fun.

  57. Hi Anna,

    Which bars / clubs do you recommend for house music? We prefer places that are NOT difficult to get into (long lines etc.), and at the same time places that are not extremely casual either. Something in between with a hip vibe is ideal 🙂


  58. Hi Anna
    We are looking to stay in Centrum near the Opera and Ballet house, we are a couple in our late 20s and not looking to party but more a sight seeing trip, is this a safe area? Many thanks

  59. Hi Anna,

    I have been offered a place to stay in the museum district, quite near Rijksmuseum, for three nights in August with my husband. Do you think it is worth saving the money and walking/biking into Central, or should we splurge to be closer? We are in our 30s, celebrating our one year wedding anniversary and taking some time away from our toddler. We are most interested in walking/biking/site seeing and eating good food.

    Thanks, Aoife

  60. Hi Anna,
    I will spend a month in the Amsterdam area in May 2020. I will also take side trips to the Scandinavian countries while there. What small town should I stay in within 30 mins of Amsterdam that has train service?
    Thank you in advance, Gail

  61. Great info but i’m still having troubles deciding where to stay. My husband and i are taking our 2 kids (11 & 13) there in march and I’m stumped on what area to stay in. Its our first time visiting so I’m pretty much overwhelmed. Thanks for any suggestions.

    • It really depends on what do you want to do. My favorite area is De Pijp as it’s lively and outside of the tourist centrum, but still a walking or short tram ride away from every major attraction.

  62. Hello Anna! Your article is quite extensive! We are looking to fly into Amsterdam stay a couple of days and making our way to spend 2 days each in Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp with my sister in late September\early October. We are looking for a safe place to stay while in Amsterdam to rest our heads after site seeing. We are not partiers but do enjoy embiance of neighbourhoods with good restaurants and cafes. If reasonable, we do want to see Ann Frank House, cruise the canal and windmill!!…must see! Any advise you can give would be appreciated! Cheers! Dee

  63. Hello Anna,

    Thank you for all the information. My boyfriend and I will be in Amsterdam for nine nights but are thinking maybe we should only stay there part of the time and head to other cities for a few nights. We will be there at the end of August / beginning of September…what would you suggest?


  64. Hi Anna,
    Your article is informative and helpful in planning for first time visitor. We are family of three with 8 yr kid and planning to visit Amsterdam in this October. I will be coming from Paris and Amsterdam would be my last stop in my trip. We will be staying there for 3 nights (Oct 18th to Oct 21st) I looked around for places to stay and most of your recommended hotels are not available on those days. I found one that is with in my budget and its located in 1382 AH Weesp. I have few questions,
    1. While traveling from Paris can I come in late night reaching Amsterdam central station at 11.45pm and going to hotel
    2. Is the place safe to stay with family
    3. Is there any pass for train, tram tickets for these 3 days that I can get online
    4. Or should I stay near to airport as my flight on 21st will be at 12pm
    5. If I stay near to airport is it easy for commute in to city.

    • Ok, so just to make it clear, this hotel isn’t actually in Amsterdam but in Weesp. I’ve never been there so cannot answer a question no. 2, just visited Muiderslot Castle nearby but that’s about it.
      To answer your question no. 1. Check https://9292.nl/ – it’s going to tell you how to get to your hotel exactly. However, to be honest I’d rather recommend staying in Haarlem than there. It’s prettier, cheaper, and easier to come to Amsterdam and airport.
      There’s a Pass -> https://www.ns.nl/producten/en/onbeperkt-reizen/p/holland-travel-ticket but as you arrive so late I’m not sure if you’d be able to collect it from Central Station so late.
      Define ‘near the airport’. If you’re staying somewhere not next to the train station or a reliable bus stop then nope, I wouldn’t recommend it either.

      • Hi Anna,
        Thanks for the reply. I tried looking in hotwire and they have some hotels with hidden names located somewhere in Amsterdam south and they mentioned the hotel would be 1.6 miles away from Heineken Experience and 2 miles from all other attractions. Is this better one and does that location have access to metro. They advertised that last person booked got NH Amsterdam Zuid hotel.

  65. Hi Anna, thanks for the great tips on Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I are planning a trip in the winter around late December into early January for a 5 day stay. We’re struggling on figuring out a place to stay and book, where would you recommend us staying if we were to spend New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam? I’m currently looking at potentially booking an air bnb outside of the ring located near the famous windmill, do you recommend staying here? Thanks!!

  66. Great site!! I’ll definitely be using this as guide for my short 6 day trip there this November. You’ve clearly put a lot of thought and detail into your recommendations. Thanks!

  67. Hi Anna
    Would you recommend IJburg West as a place for my family to stay for a few days as a base for Amsterdam? I’m not sure how it would work out for transport?
    Thank you!

    • I wouldn’t recommend it unless there’s no other option, but technically there’s a tram that will take you to central station in 25 minutes from there.

  68. Traveling to Amsterdam for 4 days in September with my son. Looking at reasonable hotel rates should we stay in Amsterdam south or north. Also how will the weather be like.
    We would like to be close to the Dam and do not mind walking a short distance! Which area would be best!

  69. Hi Anna,
    My 18 yr old daughter and I will be in Amsterdam on Jan 24th for only 2 nights. We want to see as much as we can. We don’t want to go into museums though. See them from the outside is good enough.
    We arrive by train at Central station but fly out when we leave. We won’t have a cAr either. Where do you recommend we stay? We really want to experience the real Amsterdam. Some shops, food,etc…

    Thank you

    • Have you read the post? It really depends on your budget and what you want to do… Jordaan is always fun.
      P.S. You don’t need a car in Amsterdam, don’t worry 🙂

  70. Hi Anna!
    Your post has been so very helpful in getting a “feel” for the different parts of Amsterdam. My husband & I are traveling with another couple ( all mid 30s) for our first time in Amsterdam. I’ve narrowed it’s down to between Jordaan and De Pijp ?? We like food, drinks, cool atmosphere and would like to see a couple museums ( just highlights- ha) which area would you recommend?
    Thank you so much!

  71. Hi Anna
    We are travelling to Amsterdam in October and staying in the Meininger Hotel Amstel. Can you recommend any good restaurant’s. Ten of us will be travelling. Is it far from the city centre.
    Thank you

  72. Hi there.
    Love all the well put together information thank you.

    I’m travelling for three nights. A birthday weekend for my husband. Attending the Ziggo Dome on the middle night. How is transport to Ziggo Dome? Am I better staying close by? Wondering if I should stay in different places each night. Hoping for a relaxed few days wandering and exploring.

    Leaving from the airport in the morning following the last night but I’m concerned from some responses that the airport is difficult to get to.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you

    • I’ve been there before, so I can tell you that it’s relatively easy. You can take a local train to Amsterdam Bijlmer, or Metro to Strandvliet station. No need to stay close by, there’s nothing interesting there 😉

  73. Great tips for beginners like me. I plan to go on a 7-day trip with my daughter. It’s very useful for me that you wrote about recommended accommodation in Amsterdam. Thanks!

  74. Hello. Great site with very useful information. I will be working in Amsterdam (slightly west of the Olympic Stadium) from June thru early September. I want to explore the city and travel to other countries as well while I am there. Any recommendations on where to stay for a 50 year old single man? I’m not into the night life but I also don’t want to be in a place that is completely lifeless.
    Another question, the canal water, is it clean? Thanks!

    • Are we talking this year? In terms of travel, we still don’t know if it’s going to be possible to travel to other countries before September 🙁
      If you want to be close to work I’d avoid anything below Zuider Amstelkanaal – it’s pretty residential there and mostly lifeless. Anywhere above this canal would be better.
      Canal water is absolutely NOT clean. It’s very gross, don’t fall in haha!

  75. Hello Anna!

    Sorry if it’s a strange timing to ask about travel during a pandemic. Hope you and your family are doing well over there. My boyfriend and I are supposed to move to Amsterdam for work this April which is now delayed and would only be moving once it’s possible. We are hopeful to be there around June or July but regardless when this year, we’re already doing tons of research for our apartment and your blog is such a big help that I’ve bookmarked it. Thanks a lot! The office is in the Zuidas area so we’re already crossing out the central and the north. Our ideal or dream places would be De pijp or the museum quarter but in terms of commute (bike, walking or trains?), is this feasible on a daily basis? We’re also looking at the area near the zuidas like Buitendelvert which would be very convenient for work but apartments/areas aren’t as pretty so it might be boring and dead to live there? I know that we have to compromise but we’re quite keen on De Pijp and just have to make sure the commute daily would be fine. Do you have other suggestions for places that we should consider? Thanks a lot! x

    • Definitely possible, many people bike this back and forth on a daily basis. I mean hey… I lived in Leiden and commuted to Amsterdam, but many of my colleagues lived in cities further away so within Amsterdam it’s not the slighest issue.

  76. Hi Anna
    I’m heading to Amsterdam for 7-8 days. I’d like to stay in an area that is close to all the attractions but amongst the locals and enjoy the actual things Amsterdam has to offer. Where would you advice staying?

  77. Nice views written, But since you had stayed over there for long, you have knowledge of the place inside out. Will take your advice, when I plan a visit to Amsterdam. The Photos are too good.


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