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London with Kids – 25+ Activities for the Whole Family

London with Kids – 25+ Activities for the Whole Family

London is one of the best European cities to visit with kids (along with Paris if you ask me!), as there are so many things to do in London for kids!

London truly captures the essence of a family-friendly city, where young hearts are embraced with an array of engaging attractions and outdoor escapades.

I lived in London for years and I still keep finding new things to do every time I visit the city. On top of wanting to revisit what I know and love as well. Not surprisingly, when my son came to London with me he was hooked instantly!

Visiting London with a Toddler

People are often worried if there are many things to do in London with a toddler, and the answer is that you won’t have enough time to do it all unless you’re staying for a full month (at least!).

All the attractions below are meant for kids of all ages – from the moment they can walk to their teenage years.

If you’re visiting London with a baby I have a whole post about it, but let’s be real: babies are portable and flexible and they don’t need things to do.

London with kids

Best Things To Do In London For Kids

Southbank Walk

This isn’t just any casual walk along the banks of the River Thames. Starting at Westminster Bridge and meandering all the way to Tower Bridge, the Southbank Walk is packed full of fun attractions and famous sites for the whole family to enjoy. 

With a total distance of 4 km (2.5 miles), the whole thing might be a bit much for younger children, but the beauty of this walk is that you can stop at any time! 

Some highlights to look out for along your walk include a stop at the Jubilee Park playground, the famous London Eye (one of the best attractions in London), countless street performers, eating at “Between the Bridges” pop-up food court, and The Golden Hinde ( a replica sailing ship from 1577). 

Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea

If you’re looking to enjoy a classic afternoon tea while visiting London but are worried about the little ones behaving themselves, the Peppa Pig Afternoon Tea Bus is a great compromise! 

The full menu is Peppa Pig themed and served onboard a fun bus that will drive you around past London’s biggest sights! 

On your table, you’ll even have a tablet that has Peppa Pig guiding the experience, explaining the attractions and hosting fun sing-a-longs for the whole tour. And if that’s not enough, you’ll even get an activity book to take home, giving your kids something fun to do on the travels home. 

River Boat Adventure or Thames Clipper

Taking a cruise down the Thames River isn’t exactly one of the more unusual things to do in London but its popularity has a cause! 

Simply taking a boat ride is a fun activity for most kids, but here you get to add in a fun sightseeing game. Since so many of London’s iconic attractions line the Thames, it’s a great way to teach your kids about each one that you spot along the journey. 

Many of the boats which offer river cruises such as Thames Clipper offer hop-on hop-off stops which means you can also use the boat as both a form of transport and an activity in its own right. 

Watch the Changing of the Guard

This is one of the best free things to do in London for kids and adults alike. While little ones may not understand the significance of Buckingham Palace (the location of the Changing of the Guard), everyone can enjoy the sights of what seems like real-life toy soldiers matching in procession during this interesting ceremony.

Most of the time you can see the Changing of the guard every Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Monday at 11 am outside the main gates of Buckingham Palace, but make sure to check the schedule before visiting.  

Note that the Changing of the Guard is also pretty crowded every day. There is plenty of space to watch the procession but make sure to arrive early so you can get a spot at the front

Natural History Museum & Science Museum

London’s Natural History Museum is possibly one of the most famous museums in the world and for good reason!

This incredible museum has so many exhibitions with everything from dinosaurs to whales and so much in between. There are plenty of hands-on and interactive elements for the kids to get involved with science and huge lifesize skeletons which will amaze any young mind. 

Another option if you haven’t got enough yet is the London Science Museum. This museum is even more interactive and has plenty of exhibits and games to help little ones get involved with their learning. 

The best part is that both of these museums are free to enter!  

Kew Gardens with Kids

The Kew Gardens are around 300 acres so seeing the whole thing would be impossible for a short visit, but that’s okay as there are some great highlights that the kids will love here. 

No matter which season you visit London, there’s always something different to see here which makes it a great attraction to revisit, even if you’ve been before. 

With so much space, you can imagine that there is a lot to do here but the main attraction for kids is the Children’s Garden which is intended for kids between 2-13 years old. This huge adventure playground is split into four sections representing each of the elements (earth, wind, fire and water) and features everything from trampolines to climbing structures and water features.

It’s so popular that you need to book a ticket to enter. Tickets for the playground do not cost anything in addition to your Kew Gardens entry ticket but they must be booked at the same time so you can reserve yourself an entry slot for the area. 

Some other attractions the kids will love include the treetop walk, the hive and the Palm House. 

Sky Garden

If you want to take the kids to one of the many skyscraper viewpoints, the Sky Garden is a great choice! 

Not only is the Sky Garden a great place to get up high and see the city from a new angle, but it’s also the highest public garden in London. With three levels of gardens and plenty of space for the kids to explore, this free viewpoint is a great stop on your itinerary. 

The whole terrace is covered with glass panels so it’s safe for little ones to wander around unrestricted, plus, you’ll be protected from any weather that may come your way (this is England after all). 

Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

The iconic Tower Bridge is a great place to get photos but what you may not have known is that you can actually go inside the bridge and walk on a glass walkway above the traffic

Kids will love to spot the big red double-decker busses and watch people go about their day, 42 meters below their feet. 

The glass section of the floor is actually only 11.5m long so this isn’t a super long activity but you’ll even get a fun sticker to commemorate your little one’s bravery for crossing the bridge. 

Tower of London

While you’re in the area, you can’t miss a stop at the Tower of London. What kid wouldn’t want to visit a real-life castle? 

There is a lot to see here as the museums are full of royal artifacts and beautifully decorated rooms, but if visiting with kids the best way to enjoy the Tower is by taking one of the Yeoman Warder Tours or Early Access Tours

These tours are taken by the guards who live here full-time and have many interesting stories and fun facts. The Beefeaters (guards) also make a special effort to include kids and make the whole experience engaging for them too. 

During the summer there are also plenty of family activities offered at the Tower of London in addition to the tours. These activities are usually free and change often but some examples include craft activities, knight school and medieval dancing lessons! 

Postal Museum

While it may not sound like the most interesting topic from the name, the Postal Museum of London is one of the best museums for kids in the city

Dedicated to the history of mail delivery in London, here you get to ride a real mail rail train through a series of underground tunnels that are actually used for delivering post. 

All the other attractions here include fun interactive games for little ones all based around the mail service including indoor play areas, organized play sessions and hands-on exhibitions. 

The Transport Museum

Another interesting and hands-on museum that the kids will love is the London Transport Museum! With over 200 years of history, this museum covers it all from the times when horses and carriages lined the streets to the modern and inventive ideas of the future. 

There are over 80 historic modes of transport on display that you can climb in and pretend to drive, and it all starts by riding an elevator back in time. 

Kids can also collect stamps along the trail throughout the museum on a card collected upon entry in addition to watching videos and trying the interactive exhibits. There are huge play zones throughout the museum so you should allow plenty of time for the kids to explore! 

The National Maritime Museum

Located in Greenwich, the National Maritime Museum is dedicated to all things boats.

Being the largest collection of historical maritime artefacts in the world, you can imagine how big this museum is so make sure you allow enough time to explore it all.

If your kids are under 7 years old, make sure to pre-book a spot in the Ahoy Gallery. This entire section of the museum is dedicated to younger children with many different elements for playing and learning. While the space is packed full of fun activities, it does get crowded during peak times so try to get here early. 

Some other spots not to miss include the great map which is plastered across the floor with model ships to push across the seas, and the All Hands on Deck section where you get to see what life is like onboard boats. All Hands is great for kids who are a bit too old for the Ahoy Gallery.  

Lady Diana’s Playground at Kensington Gardens & Other Playgrounds

We’ve already talked about a few playgrounds throughout this list but another that deserves its own special mention is Lady Diana’s Playground at Kensington Gardens. 

Source: Wiki

Based around a wooden pirate ship, there is plenty for kids to explore on this unique playground such as a sensory trail, fun sculptures and even a beach. 

This playground is specially built to allow inclusion so children of all abilities can easily play together, plus there is plenty of seating for the parents to relax while the little ones explore. 

Some other notable playgrounds throughout London that will stand out for your kids include Holland Park Adventure Playground, St James Park, Kilburn Grange and Tumbling Bay Playground 


Kidzania is essentially the ultimate place for kids to play grown-up. Inside the center is an entire miniature city with countless activities for little ones to explore and pretend. 

When you arrive, the kids will each be given a digital bracelet and a certain amount of pretend dollars. Inside they can take jobs such as tv presenters, firefighters and pilots to earn money or spend it at shops to take home a reward for their hard work. 

For any child who loves role play, Kidzania is a dream come true as nearly anything they can imagine is an option in this facilitated play time. 

There are many activities here for kids of all ages with specific attractions targeted at kids aged 0-3 and plenty more of those of age 4 -14 such as acting school, photo studios and science labs. 

The Emirates Airline Cable Car

If you haven’t already noticed, there are so many different ways to see the city of London and taking a cable car across the Thames River is another great choice. 

Starting from either Greenwich Peninsula or the Royal Docks, the cable car ride takes 10 mins and travels across the river at a height of 90 meters, giving you another view of all the surrounding icons. 

The cable car is pretty cheap and a fun way to cross the river whether you return the same way or continue your trip on the other side. You can even combine this with the river cruise in one easy ticket.

Frameless Exhibit

This cool interactive, multi-sensory exhibit is something that the whole family will love. 

The four rooms inside Frameless are each decorated with huge projections across all the walls, floor and roof, making it feel as though you have stepped into some of the world’s most famous paintings.

While the kids probably won’t appreciate the art itself, it would be hard for them not to be intrigued by the bright colours exploding around them! Some of the rooms are even interactive, where motion sensors will allow you to “paint” the walls with your movement

The Barbican Centre

The Barbican Centre is the largest arts venue of its kind in Europe and hosts an eclectic array of performances, exhibitions and movies throughout the year. 

Close to the entrance on the ground floor is the free exhibition space which is constantly changing but always interesting. There are spaces dedicated to children of all ages and plenty to learn and explore here without spending a pound. 

Every Saturday at 11 am they also show movies from around the world specifically for families in the cinema and special activities are put on throughout the year to get everyone involved in the arts. Check the website for the schedule during your visit. 

Madame Tussauds

If your kids are already into pop culture, Madame Tussauds is a great play for them to get up close and personal with their favourite (wax) icons. 

The iconic red carports of Madame Tussauds are filled with wax models of everyone from the Queen to the Spice Girls. 

In addition to the world’s most loved celebrities, the museum also tells the stories of some of the country’s most prominent history on the “Spirit of London” ride and tails of its infamous criminals in the “Chamber of Horrors”. 

Each of these experiences is an optional extra in addition to the main wax model part of the museum and of course, may not be suitable for younger children so take this into consideration before your visit. 

Hamleys Toy Shop

Even if Hamleys isn’t on your original list, if you walk along Regent Street your kids will beg you to go in! And with people dressed as fun characters such as toy soldiers or princesses outside beckoning you in, it’s going to be hard to say no. 

With no less than 7 floors full of toys, games and characters, this really is the “finest toy shop in the world” and something you would expect to find in a Christmas movie. 

Being the largest and oldest toy store in the world, there’s really no better place to buy your kids a souvenir than Hamleys.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a huge national nature reserve with over 600 deer living free. A little outside of the city (around 30 minutes by tube) you will arrive at this incredible reserve with 2,500 acres of land to explore.

You can rent bikes or explore by foot but despite its size, don’t worry as the deer are very easy to spot. What’s more, being the main attraction they are accustomed to humans so you can even get quite close to them!

Mudchute Farm

Another great park to visit on the outskirts of the city is Mudchute Farm. Here there are 32 acres of countryside which include a working farm and children’s nursery.

The farm is home to over 100 animals for you to see but if you want to get the most out of your experience, consider booking a farm tour where a member of staff will take you around and talk about each one (there’s even a chance you could get to feed some).  

Alongside the animals there is also a nursery, playground and lots of fun activities during the summer for kids to participate in here so make sure to check the website

Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Crystal Palace Park is home to a series of dinosaur sculptures hidden amongst the bushes originally created in 1854. 

While they have had a little bit of a facelift since then, it’s now known that most of these dinosaurs are actually inaccurate representations that were made based on incorrect combinations of skeletons. 

Despite this, these dinosaurs are Grade I listed historic structures as a representation of how scientific knowledge has evolved throughout the years. 

Regardless of their accuracy, a walk through Crustal Palace Park to spot the lurking dinosaurs is still a great activity for kids of all ages to get outside! 

Ice Skating at Alexandra Palace

No matter which season you choose to visit, you can’t miss the chance to go ice skating at Alexandra Palace

Open year-round, this unique indoor arena is built in a beautiful old building and decorated with colored lights for a fun experience. 

There are public ice skating sessions every day plus Friday Discos and Sunday Chill Out Sessions.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to skate, you can also take lessons.

Thorpe Park

Located a little outside of central London and with reasonable prices, a trip to Thorpe Park is a fun day out for the whole family. It was my first theme park ever when I was about 8 years old and I still have fond memories from it.

Open from around April to October each year, Thorpe Park is home to countless rides for all ages. There are even seasonal activities on offer such as the summer carnival, autumn Oktoberfest and Halloween nights. 

Day Trips From London With Kids

Warner Bros Studio Tour

If your kids are fans of the Harry Potter Series, you absolutely cannot miss the chance to visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour. 

Contrary to Florida’s Universal Studios Harry Potter World which is an amusement park built to mimic the world of Harry Potter, the London Warner Bros Studio is the real studio that was used to film the movies.  

Here you can sit in the real great hall, explore the sets, see props and costumes used in the movies and even try to become a wizard yourself. 

It’s located under an hour from central London and there’s even a ticket which combines your entrance with transport to the studios for easy access.


If you’re craving a trip to the seaside, Brighton is a great day trip from London for the whole family to enjoy. 

Located 1 hr from London by train, here you can simply enjoy the beach, get a thrill on the rides at the Brighton Palace Pier, see the upside-down house and much more. 

There’s so much to do here that you could easily spend a few days, but if you’re looking to take it all in, in a short amount of time, don’t miss a ride on the Brighton i360 which is a moving observation tower which ascends up a central pilar to a height of 138 meters. 

Hever Castle

This historic castle is located in Kent, around 1.5 hours from London and provides an action-packed day for the whole family. 

Kids love the giant maze, adventure playground and lake on which you can boat, while parents will enjoy the preserved history, artifacts and manicured gardens at Hever Castle

In the summer holidays, there are even extra activities such as jousting tournaments, and magic-themed activities which are included in the entrance price. 

Where to Eat with Kids in London

Quite frankly, you can eat anywhere with the kids in London. It’s not uncommon to see kids or babies at pubs any time of the day either and a pub is always a casual option to feed little ones.

Some people might think that chains like WagamamaPizza Express, or Vapiano are good ideas as they’re super casual but if you ask me I’ll tell you that it can cause more headaches with the kids. These places are super crowded and you have to get your food yourself and bring it over once your buzzer beeps, which always sucks with kids.

So here are some better alternatives for where to eat in London with kids:

  • Nando’s – A popular chain with plenty of options on the kids’ menu plus coloring sheets and toys to keep them entertained.
  • Giraffe – Great healthy meal choices with chid’s meal deals as low as 1 pound.
  • Dishoom – Delicious Indian food with many different options for kids and special dietary requirements.
  • Wahaca – Mexican street food that is good for sharing in locations with very funky decore.

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