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Stay in a Treehouse: Azulik Hotel Tulum Review

Stay in a Treehouse: Azulik Hotel Tulum Review

Who doesn’t want to stay in a treehouse? Especially when a treehouse is located on a beautiful beach in hot Mexico? The good news is that now you can – Azulik Tulum Eco-Resort makes your dreams come true!

Hanging out on my terrace at Azulik!

Hanging out on my terrace at Azulik!

Azulik Hotel Tulum Review

I absolutely loved this hotel, but know that it is not suitable for everyone. It’s not your typical resort experience. Don’t book it if you’re after a resort experience, but rather to get offline and more in touch with the nature around you. There’s no electricity, but the staff will come every evening to light up your candles. What I must say it’s pretty romantic!

Inside our room, right before it got dark...

Inside our room, right before it got dark…

If you’re shy it also might not be the best place for you. The clothing at the hotel and the beach is optional. While I didn’t see anyone fully nude, you could see your neighbors au naturel. The tree house also has no insulation to sound and since it’s made out of bamboo and wood you can pretty much see everything what’s happening on other terraces.

The beach is right there!

The beach is right there!

azulik balcony

Chillin like a villain on my balcony

Since it’s still a resort, but with no electricity, someone creative came up with the idea of the best room service option ever. In fact, I mostly wanted to order something just for the sake of dropping a ball into a tube, waiting for a gong. 20 minutes later my food arrived along with a bottle of champagne.

room service Azulik

Best room service system I’ve ever seen!

The room is like a cross between a treehouse and a luxury suite. I was afraid of being eaten alive by mosquitos at first. But once we returned to our ocean facing room, the ocean breeze just swept the damn mosquitoes away. There’s an extra bed swing and a jacuzzi on the patio.

There’s a great restaurant at the hotel, so if you don’t want to leave the property, don’t worry – you won’t be hungry!Azulik Tulum - Treehouse Hotel Review

I would go back to this beautifully rustic corner of the world in a heartbeat. Can’t wait to stay at Azulik Tulum again!

If you’re thinking of booking this hotel check out the prices on: Booking.comAgoda  |  Hotels Combined .

katerina husak

Monday 18th of December 2017

Hi, my namy is Katerina we are 4 (2 adults and 2 children 10 year and 13 year), donĀ“t you have a villa for 1 night on 29.12.-30.12.2017? my mail is: [email protected] thank you for your answer

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