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Free Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Free Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is well known for Disney World and Universal Studios, but there is so much more that the city can offer. There is a wide variety of places to visit in Orlando, from parks to museums, and the best part? Most of them are free!

Even though trips to Orlando can become quite pricey (if you’re visiting the parks), there are a lot of things to explore around it. In this article, I will tell you about a few places in Orlando that you can visit for free and make your trip even better!

1. Disney Springs

As mentioned, with the tickets to purchase, parking, and food for the day, visiting the Disney World parks can become pretty expensive. But there is a way to experience some of the magic without paying for it!

Disney World provides visitors with an entertainment center, dining location, and shopping center all in one – it’s called Disney Springs. The restaurants vary from fast food to fancier dining. And the entertainment consists of live music and attractions throughout.

At Disney Springs, you’ll be able to find the official Disney Store, where the magic can be found. Their decorations are amazing and some are interactive. Another great spot to go is the Coca-Cola store. There is plenty to see inside, and they have a bar on their rooftop! So don’t miss it!

2. Disney’s Boardwalk

Another free Disney amenity is the Boardwalk. Located between Hollywood Studios Park and Epcot Park, you can go there for free to explore the area.

The Boardwalk is known for its restaurants and stores and nightlife entertainment as well, but walking along the water makes it an attraction in itself.

3. Universal Citywalk

Since we’re talking about parks… Universal Studios also has a free place to go! To get to Universal Citywalk, you’ll be able to park in their garage and walk towards Universal Studios as if you’re going to the parks.

On the way there you’ll be able to walk through and experience the CityWalk. Filled with restaurants, nightlife entertainment, and stores. It’s definitely a must-stop even if you’re not going to the parks.

4. Celebration

Named one of America’s top 10 prettiest towns, Celebration is a city that was originally created by Walt Disney (I know, the parks again). The city is close to Magic Kingdom, and if I’m not mistaken, you can get transportation there to the parks itself.

Walking around Celebration you’ll be able to experience some of the magic that the parks provide. The architecture is similar and the history revolves around Walt Disney. It has also been nominated as one of the most walkable cities in Florida, which is free to do.

If you want to spend the night in one of America’s prettiest towns, stay here:

5. UCF Arboretum

This spot is missed by many tourist, who would’ve thought to visit a University? The University of Central Florida is one of the biggest universities in South Florida and they have an arboretum located in their main campus. Free of charge, you can park in their guest spots and walk around the greenery.

6. B-52 Memorial Park

If you are flying into Orlando, through their international airport the B-52 Memorial Park should be your first stop. It is a short attraction but you’ll be able to visit one of Air Force planes used many years ago.

This Memorial is completely free to adults and children!

7. Orlando Fire Museum

The Orlando fire museum is another attraction free of charge to tourists. The building is small itself, but full of history.

If you are visiting with kids who would love to become a firefighter when they grow up, then this stop is a must. If you have any questions about the profession as well, all staff members are retired firefighters! How cool is that!

8. Lake Eola Park

If you are looking for a more peaceful tour, you should definitely check out Lake Eola Park. Throughout the month they have events at that park, such as art expositions and farmers market, but you can enjoy their 1-mile trail all year long.

This is a great spot for families to bring their kids and pets to visit. The lake is populated by swans which are beautiful to see in their natural habitat, just make sure not to feed them! It is strictly prohibited!

If you are around the area during the 4th of July, you can enjoy their beautiful fireworks as well. A visit to this popular Orlando lake is always included in half-day sightseeing tours of Orlando.

9. Rock Springs

Even though Rock Springs is not free, for only a couple of bucks you can have an amazing day at this park in Orlando! There are lots of things you can do at this location; you can enjoy the springs for the day, camp in a tent or RV, kayak, canoe, or paddle board, and even go tubing!

The area around Emerald Cut is especially beautiful when seen on a glass-bottomed kayak tour.

On those hot summer days, this is a great location to hang out with friends and family for only $3 per vehicle with 1-2 people or $5 for 3-8 people. The water is always crystal clear and very refreshing during the summer! Definitely check it out if you get the chance!

10. See what Florida was like yesterday

Love what Florida looked like in the movies in the 50’s and 60’s? You can see it in real life by visiting the Old Town of Kissimmee. Like walking into a movie scene, the architecture is old, and the locals bring their classic or vintage cars out on the weekends.

It’s the perfect spot to enjoy live music and entertainment or shop and dine, as well as go on old-school carnival rides.

Want to do more than just the free stuff? Take an airboat ride through the Central Florida Everglades to see exotic animals and alligators or cruise through West Lake Tohopekaliga as the sun sets.

11. See Bioluminescent Bay

During the summer month, the Indian River Lagoon comes alive with Bioluminescent Plankton. Plankton grows in large numbers creating an amazing light show!

So that’s our list of the free things to do in Orlando on your visit. How many of them do you plan on doing next?

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