Gorgeous Castle Hotels in Ireland

Ireland has many gorgeous places to stay, but there’s nothing better than spending the night at the castle. While most famous Irish castles are in ruins, there are still many standing properties that can make you feel like a princess or a king.

Castle hotels in Ireland are a great option for the Game of Thrones fans. You can also book some of the recommended properties for your ultimate castle wedding venue.

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Gorgeous Castle Hotels in Ireland

Castles to Stay in Ireland

Clontarf Castle

This beautiful 12th-century castle is located in the little seaside town of Clontarf in Dublin and is infamous for being at the epicenter of the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. The spacious luxury bedrooms each have unique individual designs.

The hotel is 10 minutes from the center of Dublin (aka the Viking city), which, being the capital of Ireland, is thriving with fun activities and restaurants to visit. 

Clontarf Castle

Clontarf Castle Hotel
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Wilton Castle

Sitting pristinely on the banks of the Boro River, Wilton Castle, with its fairy tale style towering turrets has been around since 1247 and sits surrounded by the most stunning parkland and forest.

The castle has opened its doors to welcoming strangers since the 1800s and now renovated as a hotel, its spacious rooms and a wide range of family and outdoor activities make for a peaceful holiday getaway. 

Wilton Castle

Wilton Castle rooms

Wilton Castle Hotel
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Standing for over 800 years old, this fortress-like castle built during Medieval and Victorian times is a legendary luxury estate that has seen local battles in its early days.

It was even the backdrop of a movie, The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in 1951. 

The rooms are some of the most grandiose of the Irish Castle hotels and it has 6 fine dining options and a luxury spa.

Plus, 350 acres worth of activities such as horse riding, lake water sports and even zip lining!

ashford hotel

The grounds regularly plays home to royalty and hosts weddings for famous figures including Pierce Brosnan back in 2001. 

Ashford Castle Hotel
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Solis Lough Eske Castle

‘Lough’ is the Irish word for lake and this stunning 17th-century castle sit right by the peaceful Lough Eske and is about 6km from the town of Donegal. 

The rooms and suites are both spacious and extravagant. They’ve got a luxury 5-star spa that sits right on the water’s edge and overlooks the famous Blue Stack Mountains.  

The spa and pool have been built in the style of the original glass house and boasts a wide range of wellness and wellbeing services. 

There is lots of landscape and historical sightseeing to do in the area around Donagel County and the Wild Atlantic Way.

Solis Lough Eske Castle
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Cabra Castle Hotel

Cabra Castle as it stands regally today lies on the ruins of the original Medieval castle which was built in 1699. It sits in lush gardens in the County of Cavan approximately an hour’s drive from Dublin.

The luxury rooms all have impressive countryside views and you even have the option of booking an adorable, private and recently renovated cottage.

There are several other beautiful castles in the area which you can visit as well as lush parklands, forests and loughs that are popular features of the Irish countryside. 

Solis Lough Eske Castle

Cabra Castle Hotel
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Ballyseede Castle

This beautiful castle seeps with a rich history and legends of ghosts, but don’t worry, the resident ghost Hilda is super friendly!

Ballyseede Castle is found in the town of Tralee which is well known for the International Rose of Tralee Festival.

Ballyseede Castle

The rooms are spacious, designed with extravagant royal interiors and they have great offers to host stunning castle weddings.

They’ve got a reputation for their extensive golf course, a fun indoor aqua dome with swimming pools and slides, and they even offer the unique chance to experience traditional Irish Folk Theatre.

Ballyseede Castle Hotel
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Waterford Castle

The castle has been around since the time of the Monks (6th century) to the Vikings (9th century) and then was the ancestral home of the Fitzgerald family for over 800 years.

Waterford is very unique because the castle resort is located on its own island separated from the mainland.

The bedrooms are spacious, coming in different sizes to suit different groups of guests. 

Waterford castle

Waterford castle

The list of things to do on the island and in the area are endless, including fun and games for the family such as family picnics and fairy trails through the woodlands, as well as activities for adults including archery and trails around the island. 

Waterford Castle Hotel
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Adare Manor

The castle-like manor is centered amidst 840 acres of parkland estate near one of ‘Ireland’s prettiest towns’ Adare, in the south-west of the country.

The Manor was a family home until the early 1980s and was visited by some prominent features over the years including members of the Royal family.

The elegant bedrooms look out onto the lush green gardens and are adorned with historically inspired art and furniture. 

The Adare village is full of the most quintessential cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops, as well as the Limerick County having The Hunt Museum, and day trips, are available to the popular city of Galway.

Adare Manor

Adare Manor
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Markree Castle

Although it’s one of the smaller Castle Hotels in Ireland, this doesn’t stop Markree Castle from being one of the most extravagant.

Recently restored in 2017, its the only castle hotel on the beautiful world-renowned Wild Atlantic Way, and was originally the home of the Cooper family. 

There are 30 unique rooms modernized within the 17th-century structure, all with en suite bathrooms. 

There are a wide variety of activities to do on the large estate, from stand up paddle boarding and kayaking to mountain biking and guided walks to discover the ancient monuments and breathtaking seascapes of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Markree Castle


Makreee Castle Hotel
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