My top 5 places to eat in NYC

New York is one of my favorite cities I’ve had a pleasure to visit and live in. Like in any of the big cities there are plenty of good places to eat and I’d like to share some of my favorites – accidentally all in Manhattan, but it’s a place I’ve hanged out the most so I feel comfortable recommending. I was trying to pick places for every occasion – classy dinner, casual lunch and just a quick bite.

Le Bain at the Standard for a posh night out

A trip to the Standard’s Le Bain, located on the 18th floor, is a must for everyone visiting and living in New York City. It offers great views of downtown Manhattan that you can enjoy from a sun lounger on a grass rooftop garden. If you’re lucky enough (if there is no private party) you can also use a pool and try your moves on a dancefloor. Amazing cocktails and posh crepes!
848 Washington Street, between Little West 12th and 13th Street (Manhattan)

Da Andrea Ristorante for a date or nice dinner with a friend

I don’t think there is a dish I don’t like at Da Andrea, starting from an excellent focaccia for starter till tiramisu for dessert. Shockingly reasonable prices combined with a 5 star service and cute decorations can provide a great evening in Greenwich Village. I’d definitely recommend it for a date, as well as for a casual dinner with friends. Try my favorite artichoke ravioli!
35 West 13 Street, NYC (Manhattan)

Dessert at Da Andrea
Dessert at Da Andrea

Whole Foods Market at Columbus Circle for a quick bite

Even tho it’s not a proper restaurant I’d still like to feature it on my list. Whole Foods Market is a huge department store with organic food – both raw and ready to eat. The excellency of choice makes it difficult to pick just one dish. It’s an excellent place to get a quick lunch or grab something to eat in the park. Try my favorite cheese croquettes with quinoa nut salad.
10 Columbus Circle, NYC (Manhattan)Whole Foods

Elmo for chick Sunday brunch

I love Elmo for chick Sunday brunch, because it can never dissapoint me. The service is always great and prices are affordable. My top choice is a pear bellini cocktail that goes well with Eggs Nova – poached eggs with salmon. Be prepared for a massive portion, because you eggs will come with a proper portion of truffle fries or wedges.
156 7th Ave, NYC (Manhattan)Elmo's with Dyne

Eggs Nova at Elmo
Eggs Nova at Elmo

Katz Delicatessen for the experience

Katz Delicatesses doesnt’ need much introduction if you’re a movie fan, because It’s famous for the film When Happy Met Sally. Funnily enough I had no idea about its existence till I stayed next door. This is when I discovered a massive line of people wanting to try the famous pastrami & pickles rye-bread sandwich. Even tho Katz is non-kosher place it’s still a Jewish place, so you can also order my favorite Matzo Ball soup.
205 East Houston Street, NYC (Manhattan)katz

13 thoughts on “My top 5 places to eat in NYC”

  1. I tried the Katz deli last time I was in New York. I could not believe how huge the sandwich was that I got. Don’t even know how that thing stood straight up without toppling over. Certainly a great NY eatery.

  2. Yum! I really liked my visit to Katz minus the massive crowds. I was thinking I was being smart to going between normal meal hours but alas, about 50 other people had the same idea. I’ll have to check out the Whole Foods Market the next time I’m there. I didn’t know that existed!


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