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Best Things to Do in Fiji for Active Visitors

Best Things to Do in Fiji for Active Visitors

Many people are convinced that while the Fiji islands are gorgeous, there’s not much to do apart from lying on the beach in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But what I can tell you from personal experience is that those people are simply wrong, Fiji has a lot of activities to offer, especially for active travelers. 

With so many islands to explore, you can do nearly any type of activity in Fiji but you should make sure to plan your trip in advance if you want to keep it affordable. From scuba diving to zip lining and sand boarding to rafting, here are the best things to do in Fiji for active visitors.

Women posing in front of blue water with mountain in distant background in Fiji
My first trip to Fiji in 2012

Top 15 Things to Do in Fiji

1. Experience the local culture

Fiji isn’t just about idyllic South Pacific island scapes. What makes these islands so enchanting are the people. Starting with a friendly “Bula” you can easily find yourself in a Fijian party full of fire dancers and great hospitality.

There are many ways to learn about Fijian culture but you should start off by attending a traditional Fijian feast centered around a slow-cooked meal prepared in an “earth” oven or pit

These feasts are usually combined with a Kava ceremony which is a local alcohol. I’m not a big fan of kava, but it’s a must-try when you’re in Fiji.

TIP: Unless you have Fijian friends, don’t try to go to a small village on your own. Instead, take a guided tour so you are properly invited and can learn the correct protocol.

Recommended Tours:
Full-Day Cultural Island Tour with Lunch & Cruise
Lawai Pottery Village & Natadola Beach Kava Ceremony & Meke

2. Hike to Waterfalls

Even though it is renowned for its idyllic beaches, Fiji also boasts many spectacular natural waterfalls. If you’re up for a muddy hike, I recommend you explore Biausevu Waterfall on the Coral Coast of Viti Levu. After a scenic walk through lush rainforests and traditional villages you’ll arrive at the falls (also called Savu Na Mate Laya Falls) where you can take a refreshing swim. 

Another great waterfall in Fiji is located on Taveuni which is known as the Garden Island. Here you just need to head to Bouma National Heritage Park where after a short hike you will be rewarded with a cascading waterfall with 3 different levels. 

Recommended Tours: 
Fijian Nature and Waterfall Tour
Fiji Jungle Hike & Waterfall Discovery with Kava Ceremony

3. See a Lagoon from above while Skydiving

Yes, you can skydive in Fiji and if you’re an adrenaline seeker Fiji won’t disappoint you!

If you want to see this beautiful country from above, you’ll need to go to Nadi to arrange your skydive. Thankfully, the company is very flexible when it comes to the specific landing point so you can actually tell them what you want to see! 

My advice: Ask to be flown over Vuda Point to see a small island shaped like a foot!

Aerial view of an island that looks like a foot taken while skydiving one of the many Fiji activities for tourists

4. Ride Ziplines through the Trees

If skydiving is a little bit too much for you, don’t worry, you can get your adventure fix in a different way, by ziplining! 

Just south of Nadi, you will find an adventure park that has no less than 16 different ziplines totaling around 5km of flying. You’ll glide through the canopy of lush rainforests and over scenic rivers, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the area. At the end of your adventure, there’s even a pretty cool cave that you get to explore. 

Recommended Tours:
16 Zip Lines and Cave Tour
Sleeping Giant Zipline Adventure Park

5. Learn How to Sail

If you find yourself wanting to explore the islands off the coast of Nadi, a great way to do so is to book a sailing tour. Don’t worry if you haven’t sailed before; you will be with an instructor the whole time. A trip like this can be a lot of fun and it allows you to bond with your friends and loved ones while you’re learning something together.

Usually, you make a stop at the island where the movie ‘Cast Away’ with Tom Hanks was filmed, so movie fans will be delighted. After I visited this island I realized that I probably wouldn’t mind being lost there for a while as it’s extremely pretty!

Recommended Tours:
Mamanuca Islands Full-Day Sailing Tour with Lunch
Mamanuca Islands All-Inclusive Sailing Cruise

A group of tourists siting in a Fijian boat while taking a boat tour, one of the many things to do in Fiji

6. Go Surfing at Cloudbreak

Fiji is famous for its great waves that bring surfers from all around the world looking to get a piece of the action. 

While there are plenty of easier beach breaks if you’re new to the sport, for those of you who are avid surfers, you can’t miss Cloudbreak. With waves up to 10 ft high in an incredibly beautiful location, this left reef break is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for experienced surfers. 

7. Dive with Sharks

Another thing Fiji is famous for is diving, but the whole thing gets even more exciting when bigger animals than fish are involved. Most Fijian reefs are home to some friendly sharks (not the great white sharks like in ‘Jaws’, these are actually quite cute).

If you’re lucky you can dive with them pretty much anywhere, but be prepared to go on a few dives as you might not see them instantly. After all, it’s kind of a water safari, but when you finally see a few sharks it’s amazing!

For those of you who want to have an almost guaranteed experience, ask about diving “The Supermarket” near Manu Island. Here there are almost always black-tip, white-tip, and grey reef sharks waiting to meet you. 

A scuba diver giving a grea shark a high five, one of the many activities in Fiji
If you’re lucky a shark might give you hi5! 😉

8. Spend a Day in the Middle of the Ocean

Fiji is home to not one but two floating restaurants located in the middle of the ocean! Accessible only by boat, these two spots feel like paradise, each offering food, drinks, music, sundecks, and more. 

You can choose to spend a day at either “Seventh Heaven” or “Cloud 9” where you’ll have plenty of time to swim, snorkel, kayak, and of course, relax in the sun. Both restaurants are located in a similar area but it’s helpful to know that Cloud 9 definitely has more of a party vibe whereas Seventh Heaven is a bit more family-friendly with more variety in activities. 

Recommended Tours:
Seventh Heaven Floating Bar Day Trip
Cloud 9 Floating Bar and Pizzeria Day Trip

9. Try River Rafting in Upper Navua

It’s a shame I discovered this after I left Fiji, so be better prepared than I was and do it! River rafting in Fiji is probably the most unique way of discovering islands in the South Pacific.

The views are stunning and you get to go through narrow passages and pass waterfalls, but still paddle around through some rapids. I definitely want to do it next time I’m in Fiji!

A group sits in a white water raft on a river surrounded by lush cliffs and waterfalls, one of the best things to do in Fiji

10. Go Off-Roading in the Jungle

Yet another way to experience the rugged interior of Fiji is with an off-roading adventure through its dense jungles. 

There are a number of ATV or 4-wheel drive tours that take you through muddy trails, across rivers, and past traditional villages, offering a glimpse into the island’s wild side. So if you are looking for an adventure that combines some scenic views with the excitement of navigating challenging terrain, this is the perfect way to explore beyond Fiji’s beaches.

Recommended Tours:
Quad Bike Off-Road Adventure Tour with Transfers
Fijian Off-Road Cave Safari in Sigatoka

11. Swim into a Cave

I always think that after seeing so many caves nothing can surprise me, but Fiji has one of the most beautiful caves I’ve ever been to

Situated inside a pretty little island in the Blue Lagoon, the Sawailau caves are accessible by swimming. If you’re brave enough you can even continue into a second chamber through an underwater tunnel.

12. Sandboard on the Dunes

As I already mentioned, Fiji has basically everything, and that includes the desert! Sigatoka National Park is home to a huge expanse of sand dunes and they even offer sand boarding! 

The National Park is also host to 22 species of birds, eight of which are endemic to Fiji, including the Fiji Bush Warbler, Fiji Goshawk, and Orange-breasted Mycenaean. Skinks, lizards, geckos, and fruit bats also find refuge in the park’s extensive habitat so make sure to take a hike while you’re here. 

A bottle of Fiji water placed on the sand dunes of Sigatoka National Park where tourists often sand board in Fiji

13. Try River Tubing on the Navua River

Yet another exhilarating way to experience Fiji’s natural beauty is to go tubing on the Navua River. Here you’ll get to float down this pristine river, surrounded by lush rainforest and little cascading waterfalls.

It’s a relaxing yet adventurous activity that’s suitable for all ages and offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, and bird watching. Plus, the gentle rapids add a bit of excitement to this fun day out! 

Recommended Tour:
Viti Levu: River Tubing in Fiji

14. Soak in a Mudpool

Located near Nadi, Fiji’s famous mud pools offer a unique and natural spa experience not to be missed! 

These therapeutic mud baths are known for their healing properties and after covering yourself in mineral-rich mud, you can rinse off in the warm, geothermal springs. I wil leave your skin feeling soft and super refreshed. 

Recommended Tours:
Nature’s Bliss: Mud & Springs!’
Aquatic Bliss: Fijian Food, Mud Pools & Massages

15. Ride Horses on the Beach

Last but not least, taking a horse ride on one of Fiji’s incredible white sand beaches is a beautiful way to explore the island’s stunning coastline. 

Whether you prefer a romantic sunset walk or galloping along the water’s edge, I’m sure you’ll have a magical experience.

Recommended Tour:
Beach Horseback Riding Tour with Lunch and Transfer


Monday 16th of October 2017

Hmmmmmmm......almost everything is still a water-sport activity though. I mean, yeah, those are different than sunbathing, but they are all still water sports. Sand-boarding isn't, but otherwise.

You did have one cultural thing. I guess that would be interesting, how are the cultural things interesting, besides the kava. I guess that is interesting too.

Actually, my constant question to myself. Is Fiji worth it, when a person can just go to Bali, Thailand, Phils....get all the beach stuff you need PLUS have a large array of OTHER large cities and tons of other amenities that are seemingly unlimited.

Sometimes when I think of Fiji, I image its kind of like going to an isolated island in the Phils or Thailand....but 1000s of miles away from anywhere, and not real decent cities with much to do. I have to say that reading this article just made me reinforce that same image/feeling.


Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Hi Anna We are going to be flying into Nadi From Los Angeles- We are looking for places to stay-preferably an over 16age hotel,or bure. I am not one for roughing/backpacking but would like a nice place on one of the islands that is not going to break the bank.. beach beach beach for me but some activities too.. Cleanliness and really good food are very important as I have health and digestive issues. Can you give me any advise?! Is October a good time to visit or is it too close to typhoon season. August may be an option. Originally we planned on Nov. but from what I read it may not be the best time.. How are the mosquitos?


Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Hey! I was there at the end of November and it was totally fine - great weather actually! Check out my other articles on Fiji - I gave some accommodation recommendation for Fiji there :) But from the top of my head I can recommend you Plantation Island resort - great place :)


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Should I visit Philippines or Fiji?


Saturday 23rd of April 2016

Both are nice. Philippines are cheaper, but why don't you just visit both places? :)

Marta Kulesza

Tuesday 4th of August 2015

I have just booked my tickets to go to Samoa and Fiji in October/November for over 3 weeks and I am beyond excited!! I am starting to do some research on what to do and where to go. I would finally like to do my PADI there. Do you know anything about prices? I am seriously considering investing in GoPro or underwater housing for my camera. I am sure the underwater photos would look amazing!


Wednesday 5th of August 2015

OMG amazing! I know that this hostel I stayed at in Mana Island in Fiji offers PADI courses and they're affordable. If Eefa is still teaching then you'd have an amazing time!

Travel by Blog

Tuesday 16th of June 2015

A question, is that learn how to sail course just a day thing or do they actually have a course where you can get a license?


Tuesday 16th of June 2015

You can do an intro day sailing or a full course - same as with diving ;)

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