How to Make Extra Income Easily

Everyone wants to have more money to spend on travel. But due to a perception that traveling is expensive, many people think they can’t afford it because they don’t earn enough at their day jobs. I get it, I was there too. When I started traveling 10 years ago I was still a student. With internet connections lacking my options were limited to random side jobs that caused me being home after midnight quite often. While I think it was well worth it, this way of making extra money isn’t for everyone.

But what if I told you that these days there are many ways to make extra income without even leaving your house? Most of the jobs and tasks I describe you can do without even leaving your bed.

This may sound too good to be true, but it’s possible if you do a bit of research. By no means, I want to tell you to start selling your stuff. I found way too many articles telling everyone to sell their car, sell some old makeup, or stop buying Starbucks coffee. I’m talking about making money, not saving money.

How to Make Extra Income Easily

How to Make Extra Income

1. Sign up for TaskRabbit

Being someone’s assistant can be an interesting way to make money. As long as you’re creative and have a will, there will be a need for you. Some time ago, you might have heard about a creative homeless man who figured that since he’s sleeping on the street, he might as well make money by sleeping on the street while standing in line to buy new iPhones or Broadway shows tickets.

Someone may pay you to do their laundry, clean their home, pick up their food, answer phone calls, and more. Rates vary, depending on a person and your tasks, but you should totally give this a go. See what you can offer at

2. Start filling Surveys Online

I used to fill a lot of surveys when living in the Netherlands, but since then I found some US-based sites that will pay you to fill some questionnaires for them. Some surveys might be monotonous, but hey, if you’re just sitting on a sofa watching TV, you might as well make some money by filling some basic info.

The free online survey sites below are all legitimate, so don’t be afraid. While there are many not-so-legitimate sites out there, these guys won’t steal your information.

3. Register for Ebates

If you ever shop online (in my case it’s the only type of shopping I do!), you should always use a cashback website like Ebates. My husband was very skeptical, but it does work and it doesn’t cost you anything.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It’s completely painless to use as it’s a chrome plugin that will tell you to click on it to activate cashback and use available coupon codes. They make money through affiliate links when you activate it through them, but instead of keeping the entire commission to themselves, they give you a part of it back.eBates

4. Become a Virtual Assistant

Not everyone can do it, but if you have social media, writing, or accounting skills then it might be something to look into. There are many bloggers and online businesses that look for people to help them and it might be a fun career if you’re successful at it as it’s fully location independent. I personally know a few people who are a full-time VA for a few or sometimes even just one big client.

Note, that the job isn’t as mindless as some might think, as being a social media VA requires not just sharing some random content, but developing a lot of strategies (there’s a reason why some big and powerful shows and tv stations launch new shows only on social channels).

There are many bloggers out there who hire editors and regular ghostwriters. If you’re a native English speaker whose grammar is excellent, then this can be a great way to make extra money.

Some websites that are best for finding online work:

Become a Virtual Assistant

5. Do Housesitting

Renting an apartment for free sounds unbelievable, but it’s not impossible. If you’re willing to put your belongings in storage, or if you simply don’t own much, consider housesitting. How does it work?

When pet owners leave for holidays, relocate for a while, or for whatever reasons, quite often they can’t bring their pets with them. Some people leave for a few days, weeks, or sometimes months. In exchange for taking care of their pets when they’re gone, they let you live at their house FREE of charge. And believe me, you might get to live in some million-dollar villas.

A few friends of mine are very experienced housesitters who haven’t paid a cent for rent for months. Some travel, others prefer to stay in one place to keep a full-time job while paying nothing for the accommodation.

The best place to find a house to sit is by registering on TrustedHousesitters website. There are some e-books on how to get good reviews and arrange everything strategically, so you might want to check one of them out.

6. Take Care of Pets

Want to make extra money spending time with cats and dogs, but don’t want to move houses? There’s another way to do that. Pet-sitting could be a great financially profitable side gig. Download a Rover app and start making some furry friends.

Take a dog for a walk, or just stop by to keep them company or feed them while friends or family are out of town. You could earn about $40 per visit. Send a few photos to the owner, as you cuddle with furry friends.

It’s a fun way to make some extra cash especially if you can’t have your own pet.

pet sitting

7. Teach a Language Online

If you’re a native English speaker, you’re in luck. There are plenty of online companies that want to hire you to teach Chinese and Korean kids by using video chats.

Depending on their level of English and age, you can end up playing games with them, teaching them new words, or just talking so they can practice their skills.

Hours and rates are flexible, so your normal schedule doesn’t have to be interrupted in any way. Totally check out this site 51 Talk or VIPKids.

8. Watch Videos Online

Believe it or not, but you can actually get paid to watch videos on your laptop these days. I’m dead serious. They’re not all funny, but if you’re commuting or having a lazy afternoon, why not watch some videos in exchange for cash?

Just sign up and start watching at FusionCash. If you don’t like it, you can always deregister or simply stop watching.

9. Place Ads on Your Car

If you have a car and unless your car is your second (or first home), it can make you some money. And I’m not even talking about becoming an Uber driver here, even though it’s an option as well.

There are many companies that will pay you to put an advertisement on your car. Your vehicle might not look slick and fancy anymore, but if you need some cash, it’s worth a try.

10. Take Part in Medical Research Studies

Did you know that sometimes you can get paid for sleeping? When I was studying at the university there were plenty of offers to participate in medical research.

I remember one that required sleeping at the medical facility for a week for over $2000 while researchers study your brain. Not a bad way to make money, don’t you think?

11. Resell Items on Craigslist

Flipping items can make you a LOT of cash. How does this work? You can find great unique items at thrift stores and resell them for a profit later. 

12. Sell Your Crafts on Etsy

Have you ever done something creative? Etsy gives a chance for people who know their crafts to sell it. Whether it’s handmade toys, clothes, vintage things or anything that comes to mind.


1. Sign up for credit card deals

If you’re American, you’re in luck because you can receive bonuses and rewards for using a credit card. Europeans aren’t as lucky, as there are fewer deals and for some countries, there’s not even one decent travel reward credit card

Depending on what do you want to save money on, there are many credit cards out there that will give you cashback just for using them.

2. Trade-in old stuff

Do you have old electronics, books, cellphones, GoPros, or anything that you’ll never use anymore? Most of us do. These days you can trade-in products through Amazon’s Trade-In program. It’s super easy too. All you need to do is print a pre-paid label and drop it off at the post office, and get an Amazon gift card.

Amazon Trade In Program

3. Swap your clothes

Instead of buying new clothes when you get bored with them, you can swap them for new ones. You decide what do you want to pick and discuss what can you offer in return. is the oldest and most well-known of clothing swap sites, but there are many others out there. It’s free to use with no membership fee, just an optional $10 service fee to become address verified, which allows other users to feel more confident and secure in their transactions with you. The site has the largest quantity and the best quality of clothing and accessories.

4. Start Blogging

Blogging is another alternative for making money. However, many websites will tell you that you can make money quickly and effortlessly from blogging. I tend to disagree.

As a full-time blogger who makes decent money from it, I can tell you that it’s a constant work and I had to put a lot of effort into building my website and social media channels before seeing my first Dollar from it.

If you’re wondering how to start I wrote a guide on how to start a blog. Good luck!

How to Make Extra Income Easily

Do you have any questions, ideas about making money? Or do you simply want to say hello? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!


14 thoughts on “How to Make Extra Income Easily”

  1. Great tips, Anna! I like that you pointed out that not everybody can do this or that job. I think that in order to stick to some jobs, people need to like what they do.

  2. Thank you very much for your good information , but unfortunately almost all of the above mentioned methods are not working for me , due to my geographical location 🙁 .

  3. I really love this blog site… It’s been a month since I found this site, and I have always coming back. A lot of fun and learning while reading Anna’s post… There are so many varieties that I have read and enjoyed. Always take care Anna.

  4. This is so awesome, I suffer from major depressive order and I need and want to travel but it is hard to have the monetary means. I am going to Italy in a couple of months for my first solo trip and I am both nervous and scared. I look forward to it though.

  5. Anna, I’m older or senior if you prefer. Do many seniors stay at hostels? Every time I listen to someone, it just sounds like a drinkfest or for young people. My dream trip is Australia and New Zealand. I want to stay 3-4 weeks. I am definitely NOT wealthy and it is normally an expensive trip. Should I use travel group to go or should I make arrangements on my own? There will be several inter-country flights since country so vast. I usually travel solo, because I never can find anyone to go with me. I wouldn’t mind meeting up with other solo travelers to have someone to talk to or travel together. I’m a little nervous about going such a long ways from USA alone. I would love to house sit in Australia and New Zealand. That would allow me to save a lot of money. How do your friends get such great house sitting jobs? I’m hoping to use my 125000 air miles for flights to/from USA.

    • Hi Karen, while many hostels are party spots many are simply not. For instance, hostels that belong to HI (Hosteling International) are pretty much never party hostels.
      However, Oz and NZ might not be the best spots for hostels, simply because many people live in hostels long-term there during their working holiday visa. Unless you find hostels that don’t allow long-term stay of course 🙂

      For housesitting try . Another option would be Couchsurfing – you could find some mature hosts 🙂

  6. Hello!
    Great tips, however, I have also found that there are many scams out there. What do you recommend is the best way to filter the scammers from the real opportunities, especially when it comes to working from home? Thanks!

  7. My wife and I want to do something special for our boy who is graduating next spring but we need extra cash to do it. I appreciate you mentioning that blogging takes a lot of work before you make money from it. We may also consider a payday loan to help us in the meantime.


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