Weird Fruits You Probably Never Heard Of

There are many weird fruits you probably never heard about before. Here’s your guide to 10 weird fruits and vegetables from around the world.

1. Fijoa

– Oceania & South America
It’s a small, green fruit. It’s also known as the pineapple guava. It’s usually used in juices.fijoa

2. Durian

– Southeast Asia
A fruit known for its odor – it really stinks and makes you stink when you eat is. However, it’s worth trying. I can recommend dried durian which doesn’t stink and tastes like nice potato chips.durian

3. Plantains

– northern South America
Plantains are a type of bananas, although softer and bigger. In norther parts of South America, such as Ecuador, Peru, or Colombia, there are used as an ingredient of every meal. They can be fried, scrambled and baked.platains

4. Cherimoya

– South America
This fruit’s inside is white and creamy with many dark brown seeds you’re not supposed to eat. Mark Twain called it the ‘most delicious fruit known to men’. Known as custard apple, cherimoya is eaten for dessert.chemiroya

5. Rambutan

– Southeast Asia
This funny looking fruit in Vietnam is called chom chom, what basically means messy hair. The inside tastes like lychee, It’s usually used as a dessert or ingredient of alcoholic cocktails.rambutan

6. Dragon fruit

– Southeast Asia & Central America
The pink on the outside and white on the inside fruit has a light, delicate flavour. Some compare it to a pear with crunchy black seeds like a kiwi. It'[s eaten as a dessert or with seafood, Personally I dislike it, however it looks very presentable as a decoration.dragon

7. Sharon / Persimmon

– Israel & Western Asia
This unknown a few year ago fruit is currently quite popular in Europe. This oranged skin round fruit, grew originally only in Israel till it spreaded to Western Asia. It’s ompared to tomato with a cross of melon, peach and banana. It’s often confused with Kaki, which is not sharon fruit.sharon

8. Akebi

– Japan
This weirdly looking purple fruit opens only by itself when riped. However, it’s only riping for 2 weeks in autum. In Japan, as country’s national fruit, is often used an an ingredient of various warm dishes.akebi

9. Young coconut

– Southeast Asia
I guess I don’t need to introduce a coconut to anyone. However, a young coconut is excellent for grilling when wrapped in a long grass.


10. Taro

– Southeast Asia
My favorite, however I’m not sure if I should classify it as a fruit. Taro, popular in Southeast Asia, is mostly known as an ingredient of bubble tapioka teas. Although, taro is also used as a filling of buns or waffles.taro

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