Photos from Peru that Will Make You an Outdoor Person

Peru is one of these countries that I’ve been trying to visit for years. After a failed trip back in 2011, I finally made it to the country this month. During my week in Peru I’ve had a chance to discover many amazing places, but I still felt like there is so much I haven’t seen, so many more things I would love to do.

When I started this blog back in 2013 I wasn’t much of a photographer. In fact, I actually put a disclaimer saying that you probably won’t see many pretty photos here. 2,5 years later I’m proud to present my shots from Cusco & surrounding areas in Peru.

Peru has it all: unique nature, friendly people, tasty food and cute animals. See it for yourself in my photos from Peru that will make you an outdoor person. Also check some other photos from Peru.

Cusco cityPhotos from Peru


File_006 (1)

Rainbow mountain (Cusipata)File_097



Mountains near CusipataFile_064



Machu PicchuFile_002



Aguas Calientes



Salt terraces of MarasFile_13 (3)

File_13 (1)

Surroundings of MorayFile_13 (4)

File_001 (1)


All photos are taken and edited by me. Those I make an appearance in were taken with some help of Mr. Tripod. If you’re curious on how I take pictures of myself when I travel solo check out this post!

Photos that wil make you want to visit Peru

17 thoughts on “Photos from Peru that Will Make You an Outdoor Person”

  1. Amazing captures! Congrats!
    Just a quick question as Im heading to Peru next week and have read all the crime stories out there (among of course other amazing tourist stories and blogs like yours), would you say you take extraordinary precautions when in Peru? How do you travel places within the country?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  2. Been to Peru but missed the Rainbow Mountain. How difficult and how long was the hike going to the Rainbow Mountain ? I’m thinking to go back around end of May or early June this year.
    Did you go to Puno – Floating Islands ? I thought that was amazing !
    Peru was one most interesting places I visited so far 🙂

  3. thinking of going there this July which is busy time.
    going with 2 teenage girls – 14 and 17. Wondering if they will have trouble with altitude sickness. We are avid hikers but not at 5000 metres. Did you see any kids at Rainbow Mountain? As you suggested that we book tour when in Cusco. Would you think the same for Machu Picchu? Want to do a 1-2 day trip to Machu Pichu. The catch is buying entrance fee in advance. If you search there price may be cheaper but you risk not getting entrance ticket esp in July. Is this true?
    Would your recommend other parts of Peru (Lake Titticaca or even Lima or Amazon). Don’t want to be flying everywhere.



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