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Cheap Helicopter Flights in Las Vegas

Cheap Helicopter Flights in Las Vegas

A helicopter tour in Las Vegas is the ultimate attraction in Sin City and I’d recommend it to anyone! But don’t stop reading yet! It doesn’t mean that you’d have to win all your money gambling. There are plenty of affordable helicopter tours in Las Vegas. If possible book your Vegas helicopter at the beginning of your trip. Weather might change just in case weather cancels your original date and you have a few days open to move your trip it to.

Cheap Helicopter Tours

And what if I told you that for an affordable price you don’t only get to fly over Las Vegas, but also ride the limo?


Cheapest Helicopter Tours in Las Vegas

Let’s compare the cheapest helicopter tours in Las Vegas and what these packages offer. Please note that there are two different types of helicopter tours from Las Vegas: over the strip and to the Grand Canyon. Within these options you can also choose if you’d rather fly at night, in the morning, or during the day and whether you’d like to have an inter-landing at the Grand Canyon.

If you’re planning a tour to the Grand Canyon you could also consider small airplane or hot air balloon tours.


Available Cheap Helicopter Tours

There are a few companies that offer air tours from Las Vegas. This is why I recommend that you check either Viator or GetYourGuide, as instead of browsing different companies you’ll be able to see all offers in one place.

If you aren’t familiar with these websites they basically combine tours from different operators. They find you the best deals. The websites is safe and sometimes they let you see the provider you’re buying the tour from. So if you want to see more photos or find more information you can do that easily.

Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight Over the Strip – $79
It’s the cheapest and the most popular option. Short 15 minutes flight over the strip. CHECK THE OFFER

Deluxe Las Vegas Helicopter Night Flight with VIP Transportation – $99
Same as the previous offer but for $20 more you’ll get champagne and limo transportation. CHECK THE OFFER

Vegas Strip and Hoover Dam Twilight Flight – $199
If you want to see a bit more than just the strip, this flight add a Hoover Dam to the experience. CHECK THE OFFER

Extended Grand Canyon West Rim Air-Only Helicopter Tour – $299
70-minute scenic helicopter flight to the West Rim. Note that the helicopter won’t land anywhere. CHECK THE OFFER

Luxury Helicopter Tour Packages

If you’d like to spend a bit more and treat yourself to a luxury package, there are plenty of options available.

Grand Canyon Celebration – Helicopter, Boat & Skywalk – $699
The complete package of adventures in the Grand Canyon. All activities are included. CHECK THE OFFER

Grand Canyon & Valley of Fire Sunset Helicopter Tour – $619
The combination of the best of two gorgeous places plus the Las Vegas strip in the evening. CHECK THE OFFER

My Experience

I personally chose to go on a VIP helicopter flight combined with a limo service to the airport. My limousine picked me up from my hotel in the evening and to my surprise, for a while I was the only person in the car.

Sampling some champagne!

Sampling some champagne while waiting for the flight!

Before the flight, I was served champagne while the organizers assigned everyone to their seats in the helicopter. I’ve never been in a helicopter before, but I assumed that it probably would be pretty similar to the Cessna flight I took when I actually got to fly the plane myself!

The best seat in the helicopter is right behind the pilot, and I was lucky to get it. I expected the helicopter to be extremely loud, but it wasn’t any louder than a regular small plane.

Although the flight was only 15 minutes long, it was definitely worth it for the spectacular views. I was able to see every hotel pool from above and the neon lights looked even more brilliant than when you’re walking through the strip. The best part was seeing the people in the Stratosphere tower from close up, as we flew around it.

Inspecting hotel pools ;)

Inspecting hotel pools from the air 😉


I would definitely recommend it as it can give you a quick overview of Las Vegas in style and it’s a great experience for those who have never flown in a helicopter before.

Sam Wilkins

Wednesday 30th of August 2017

I like how you suggested websites that could provide price comparisons of various other sites in your post. That'd definitely be faster than going to various sites on your own. I think that I would also check google as well, in this case, to be sure that there weren't other sites missing from their database that may have different prices.

Charles McCool

Monday 16th of March 2015

I took my first (and only) hell ride last month over the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was spectacular. Your experience looks much more elegant.


Monday 16th of March 2015

It was elegant indeed, but your flight sounds cool as well :)

CL (RealGunners)

Sunday 15th of March 2015

Be careful! One should not criticize Gordon, if he finds out he might visit you and drown you with F words! :D


Sunday 15th of March 2015

Haha, I'm well aware :P But I guess he wasn't the one cooking my burger ;)

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