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Travel to Morocco: Complete Guide

Travel to Morocco: Complete Guide


Before You Go:

General Tips for Visiting Morocco

  • 2 Weeks in Morocco Itinerary & Best Places to Visit
  • What to Buy in Morocco: Moroccan Souvenirs


  • Hotels vs Riads: Where to Stay in Marrakesh
  • What to Eat in Marrakesh

Other Regions:


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  • Is Morocco expensive to visit?

Morocco can be an affordable place to visit for sure. Depends on what are you looking for you choose a budget. I visit Morocco twice – once on a backpacker budget for 5 days, another time on a mid-budget for 2 weeks. I spent approximately $250 during my first visit, including an overnight desert trip (that actually sucked the most money out of my budget) and plenty of souvenirs like leather goods, nuts, and spices.

  • Is Morocco safe to visit?

Morocco isn’t a place free of crime. There are plenty of petty crimes such as pickpocketers and you could get robbed in a dark alley of the medina at night. Therefore, you need to take necessary precautions and use your common sense when visiting Morocco.

That said, I’m one of a few travel bloggers who disagree with the majority saying that Morocco isn’t safe to visit alone. I think Morocco is totally fine for anyone, even a solo female traveler. You just need to learn very quickly not to look or smile at vendors or peddlers and say “no” when they ask you to come in.

It’s totally all right to walk around on your own, and I was never physically or verbally harassed. Especially if you avoid flashy jewelry, skimpy branded clothes and watch out for scams. Morocco is greater than the minor irritations and after my two trips I’ll be definitely coming back again!

Travel to Morocco


Friday 25th of November 2022

Can I visit Marrakesh in January first week? Will the weather be okay?

Anna Karsten

Wednesday 30th of November 2022


Lahcen oulfakir

Sunday 18th of July 2021

Hello, I am Lahcen from Morocco, I really like your article and very happy that you enjoyed your Moroccan experience. We really hope that covid ends soon and back to the normal life and people travel again and meet new people. Thank you so much for the great page about Morocco and welcome to your second country.

Peter Giddings

Saturday 23rd of January 2021

We are planning a trip to Morocco in September, 2021 and thought 9-10 days would allow us to get a good feel for the country. Would travel to Tangiers then Casablanca then to Fez be a good trip to taken in the culture and historic sites.

Anna Karsten

Monday 25th of January 2021

You'll definitely enjoy it!

Marta Kipar

Wednesday 24th of July 2019

Hi there dear Anna, Thanks for sharing interesting Morocco travel ideas in your own perspective. We are a couple, but never been out of the country and planning a trip to Morocco for about a week-long on our vacation holiday. Heard that it is possible to catch some of the most amazing highlights of the country within a week. But what are the best things to do?. Is that a safe country to travel?. Is there any easy way to get some of the most highlights of the country for couple travelers?. How about planning to reach there in late August until early September?. Is that a good month to travel?.

Nabby 6487

Thursday 11th of July 2019

Hi Anna,

My husband and I are planning to go on a week trip to Morocco this October 2019 i.e; (Casablanca-Marrakech-Fes-Chefchaouen).

We are skipping the desert tours/camel riding/hiking. We prefer to do the sightseeing & shopping instead.

May I ask, in your opinion, is it recommended to get a full guided tour throughout the 7days6nights stay in Morocco?

Or is it advisable to rent a car and drive throughout the trip?

Thanks in advance!


Thursday 11th of July 2019

It really depends on your travel style. I've never had a guide with me 24/7, neither did my friends who went to Morocco. On my second trip I rented a car and was fine, but it's not a must - you could use trains and buses as well.