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Personal Development Resources When You’re Not Traveling

Personal Development Resources When You’re Not Traveling

You may have had plans to be traveling at the moment or in the nearest future. Many of us are stuck at home at moment, and if we’re not yet then we will be soon.

If you need to work from home and kids are out of school and daycare – trust me, I feel you. It’s not easy. While I literally have zero ideas on how to entertain your kids at home, Busy Toddler has plenty.

With or without kids around, while Netflix might seem like a great thing to do during your time at time, there are other options that could help boost your future career or simply help with personal development. Especially since Netflix already lowered the quality of streaming for Europe.

First things first though – Stop browsing Facebook for information all day long. Scrolling through Facebook and Instagram all day long looking for new information about Coronavirus. It can really suck you in and sometimes I wish we still lived in those times when news was only at 7 PM. 

Personal Development Resources for Home

what to do at home

1. Improve Your Skills

Whether you’re out of work or working from home you can use the rest of your time and weekend to do something to improve your skills. There are plenty of options out there at the moment and spoiler alert: not all of them cost money!

  • Take a Class From One of Ivy League Schools

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying at one of the top universities, now it’s your chance to do it online and absolutely for free. There are over 450 courses available! Check them out here.

  • Try Masterclass Subscription

If you rather learn some skill with well-known expects, why not try a month of Masterclass subscription. They literally have the best people teaching subjects they know about and are known for.

2. Make Extra Money

It’s not a secret that we’re all worried about the money. I wrote a big separate post on what to do to make extra income on the side, but 

3. Endorse in Things You Couldn’t Afford Before

Yes, you read this right. You can now do some things you couldn’t afford before for free. You can watch Broadway shows, London’s Royal Opera House’s performances, Paris’ Opera’s performances and even some concerts.

All directly from your sofa and for completely free. It’s really an amazing opportunity.

4. Awake an Inner Photographer in You

Some of you might be self-taught photographers, but only take photos of your kids. Or maybe you’re even a professional photographer and your business got affected by people not booking photoshoots right now. Or maybe you’re a graphic designer.

Become a Shutterstock contributor and you can make some money. While you won’t make a ton of money if you follow their newsletter of what type of photos are in need every month you could make some extra cash. It doesn’t hurt to try!

5. Learn About Wildlife Behavior

If you’re an animal lover like me you could start watching animal webcams. There are many zoos that stream 24/7 and others that have camera set in the wild. It’s addictive – don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

6. Become a Science Researcher

Those who want to be part of a science project without having to go back to school can help. Penguin Watch is always looking for volunteers to count penguins in Antarctica and beyond. Or show it to your kids if you want them to be occupied for a while – kids love feeling important!

7. Educate Yourself on Human Rights

There are loads of educational materials on human rights that you can study. You can even become a human rights defender by listening to others and learning about important things for humanity. Free courses are available here.

8. Learn a New Language

A foreign language can not only boost your career opportunities but also connect you with more people. Rosetta Stone now offered a free subscription for 3 months. You might as well take advantage of it.

Plus, don’t forget to wash your hands.

Fred Duncan

Saturday 21st of March 2020

Your a great motivator & encourager Anna. I am currently in Mexico. It's not so bad here compared to the outbreak in US cities.


Monday 23rd of March 2020

she is wonderfull

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