A Collection of 9 Presets. This product is compatible with Lightroom and Lightroom CC. They will not work with the mobile app.

  • Flower Fields – Basic set-up for colorful scenes.
  • African Vibes – Perfect for images with lots of dull tones and greens.
  • Reindeer – Best for snowy landscapes and cobblestones towns.
  • Sunny Beach – Best for sunny beaches. Makes images brighter, happier and more vibrant, increases skin tones.
  • Warm Beach – Great for beach scenes with lower light. Gives them warm retro look.
  • Kyoto – Very specific presets that works for low-light underexposed images that need warmth, taken either during sunrise or golden hour.
  • Greens & Pinks – Good for lush landscapes and beaches. Makes the image more candy-like.
  • Hever – Great for autumn scenarios or morning photos. Add warmth and contrasting vibrance.
  • Vinyard – Makes images look more dramatic and retro. Increases skin tones.

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Thanks for checking out my store! This is my one and only Lightroom Presets collection that will only work with a desktop version of Lightroom, as I believe that you can do more on your laptop than on your phone.

Why should you purchase presets?

Presets are great to quickly improve your photos and learn your way around Lightroom. You can adjust all settings in each preset to ensure your photo is to your liking.

How to use presets?

In order to use the desktop presets you will need to have the software for Lightroom Classic and/or Lightroom CC installed on your computer or laptop. A monthly subscription for Adobe costs $15 a month.

After your purchase, you’ll receive a download link via email with 8 custom presets that are perfect for your indoor and outdoor photos. All presets will work with RAW files and JPEGs, but you will achieve the best results with RAW images.


If you have any questions please contact me via email at [email protected]


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