Anna Karsten in the Press



Top Mentions:

Printed Media:

  • featured in KLM in-flight magazine (autumn edition) – 2020
  • featured in Genic Magazine [Japan] – 2017
  • featured in Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine (March edition) – 2017
  • featured in EasyJet in-flight magazine (March edition) – 2016
  • featured in Grazia Magazine UK (January edition) – 2016
  • O tym, że Harvard stoi otworem, a Erasmus to tylko początek przygódUNIwers UMK (online & printed) – 2014 [in Polish]

Articles Written for Other Publications (Health):

Quotes, Opinions, Photoshoots Given to Other Publications:

Speaking Engagements:

  • speaker at TravelCon in Austin, TX: Instagram Partnerships – Sept 2018
  • core speaker at Travel Industry Exchange in Orlando, FL: How to find and work with travel bloggers – Sept 2015
  • panel moderator at Travel Industry Exchange in Orlando, FL: Speed-dating with travel bloggers – Sept 2015


  • TV documentary – iTV – 2021 (to be released)
  • Penguin escaping orca (tv interview) – RTL – 2021
  • multiple video licenses via KennedyNews – eg. WMUR-TV, Inside Edition, FoxNews, The Dodo, Kiro7
  • Flamingo selfies – Fox News – mention – 2017
  • Show Us the World (Pokaz Nam Swiat) – TVN24– herself – 2016 [in Polish]
  • En el Ring – Publicity vs Necessities’ – judge, TV Azteca (Mexico) program- 2013 [in Spanish]


  • multiple mentions in local radio stations about filming the penguin video – 2021 (eg. iHeart Radio, 97.3 Eagle)
  • Polish Radio ‘Czworka (4)‘ – “How I Volunteered with Lions in Zimbabwe” – 2015 [in Polish]

Published Books:

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  1. Hola, me gusta tu blog pero me da una gueva tremenda tener que venir a el para ver si subes algo nuevo. Porque no en Facebook?
    Soy Mexicano, viví 10 años en Manhattan y ahora vivo en Israel,
    Por cierto, no soy muy adicto a escribir. Saludotes.
    By the way, México is northamreica only to the rest of the world, did you know that in USA they teach that America meaning USA, is a continent?

  2. it seems most are 2017 and prior years, with only two 2018 links, wonder is this page anyway out of update? not only 2019, but especially I am curious how does the world recognize travelers in 2020 and 2021?

    • This page is a bit out of date, but it’s going to be updated with about 30+ links from radio, newspapers and tv from 2021. 2020 obviously no one wanted/needed to feature any travels 😉


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